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Planning trips takes time. To help with your trip planning, here are my travel itineraries. The itineraries are my real journey and routes. Hopefully, you can try my trip and enjoy a great travel experience like I do. By copying my plans, your travel planning process may be easier, simpler, and relaxed. I travel alone, a solo woman, and travel at 50 plus. I sincerely hope this helps you with your travel planning.

Itineraries – Best Solo Travel at all Stages of Life

Make planning easier. When in doubt, use my routes to save a little time and avoid a painful vacation. Planning can be the most cumbersome and time-consuming part of travel. Therefore, some people make minimally plans. They do whatever comes their way because that is how they like to roll.

Some people like to plan every detail. I don’t do that very often.

When in doubt, try one of my routes to save a little time and money. Planning can be the most cumbersome and time-consuming part of travel. If you are someone who doesn’t plan, or makes minimal plans and does whatever comes your way, this might give you a starting point for your investigation. You may even try a location that is off the beaten path. When you get to your destination, you can always change your plans or make course corrections.

My Goal is to Save You Money

Advice. All the Itineraries are that exact routes I have traveled or the contributor has used. We provide these to help you learn how to save money, save time and travel inexpensively. We hope we are inspiring you to go.

Perhaps, the plans will take some of the drudgeries out of planning. I hope I can make your traveling a little simpler.

How Did She Do it?

Tip. This section ‘what I did’ and how I did it.

Following my itineraries will take you to my exact location and will help you plan your budget. Want to go where I went, ok – follow my routes. Then you can go where I went. These ideas will help you learn ‘how to create trips.’ Hopefully, you feel like doing a happy dance when you read how to do it. Read the links that interest you and follow the details to travel my exact routes and plans.

Itineraries – Learn How to Plan Trips

Tip Warning:

Here is a little warning and hopefully will help to manage your expectations about these itineraries. If your travel needs to be to places where everyone is fluent in English, my plans might not work for you. Some of the places I go to people are not fluent in English.

In most cases, I don’t find language to be a barrier.

Tip Warning:

Health and local conditions can be a barrier. Check out the local outbreaks on the

Check out the local outbreaks on the CDC website. Also, check for political situations before traveling with STEP.

Be flexible.

You may feel my plans are not specific enough. But, you can count on one thing. My itineraries, tips, and trips are real. These are the destination and routes, that I have traveled and how I got to the locations. My contributors share their trip that they use too. The plans below provide solo female travelers helpful advice, safe solutions, and offer travelers confidence.

If you are still unsure, consider joining single travel groups and small group tours without single supplement fees.

Take baby steps if you need to build your confidence – that is what I did.

Words to Live By!

You never know where a dream can lead you.

Try the Itineraries. Save Money, Time, Travel More.

Itineraries List

This list is regularly updated.

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