Best Istanbul Boat Tours to See the Best of Istanbul Turkey

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Istanbul Boat Tours

There are lots of Istanbul Boat Tours, but they aren’t all the same. Some sold on the streets of Istanbul are by dishonest street vendors – don’t buy one of those.  The guide doesn’t give an excellent tour. You might as well take a ferry ride and read your guide book. You would get more out of that tour doing that then the boat tours sold by the street vendors. Therefore, buy from your hotel. Those can be excellent trips.

All Istanbul Boat Tours Aren’t the Same

The tours sold from your hotel are most likely good ones, because the hotel has a vested interest in your happiness and you can complain to them if you don’t like your tour. Secondly, the hotel could get a bad review if you don’t like your boat trip. Makes sure yours is legit!

Which Boat Tour Should You Buy?

My Recommendations

Make sure the tour boat is legal and authorized to serve tourism.

If you don’t like the tour, ask if the hotel is accountable for the tours service?

Ask if the hotel has tour agency affiliation?

Types of Boat Trips

Istanbul Ferry system to Princes’ Island great value
Istanbul Ferry to Kadikoy residential neighborhood is a great trip to see how people live in a lovely residential area.
Local tour companies through your hotel to receive the best value.

Buyer beware!

Just don’t buy from street merchants you will get a person who doesn’t provide any history, the boats may not pass safety regulations, and street vendors are illegal, and the Turkish government doesn’t license them. Therefore, buyer beware! Play it safe, if its too good to be true it probably isn’t.

I believe that the ferries and spending the day exploring Istanbul through the ferries are one of the best times and experiences of Istanbul. For me, therefore Istanbul Boat Tours are a highlight of all my trips there because it’s a great way to see the sights and take a relaxing journey.