Best Travel Itinerary Jordan, Istanbul Israel Palestine Budget

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Jordan, Istanbul, Israel, Palestine Budget

Perhaps you are going on a trip to the Middle East. People think that the Middle East is scary. Depending on when your trip is if you want to go to the Middle East try my plan. My plan to  Jordan, Istanbul, Israel, Palestine Budget may help you. Just don’t do anything stupid and be mindful. Travel safely and securely. I hope you have a great trip.

First, consider this trip plan and tips to save money and time for busy travelers.

Secondly, if you follow this advice, you will experience fewer hassles.

Lastly, my Jordan, Istanbul, Israel, Palestine travel plan is super easy and very simple routes.

Jordan, Istanbul, Israel, Palestine Budget

Download the Excel spreadsheet from this link. Jordan, Istanbul, Israel, Palestine Budget

Location Jordan, Istanbul, Israel, and Palestine Word Document

My first trip was for work and pleasure. Next, I went on a medical mission and a church mission on two trips. Last time I went was for pleasure.

My Travel Plan


Expense No. Days Date
order now Jordan viagra without prescription usa Delta Seattle   to click here Amman click here 11-Sep
Rental Car trusted tablets Israel 215
Hotel 65 per night 5 325
Jordan  Medical photography
Medical Mission one week 650 7
$950 Amman /Petra
Day trip 950 1
Wadi Rum UNESCO Day trip 1

Amman Jordan  to Istanbul

Istanbul Flight 502 Amman >  Istanbul
Flight 309 Istanbul >  Tel Aviv 3
Hotel Raymond 180

Istanbul  Turkey to Israel

Israel Drive to Haifa Tel Aviv/Jaffa 95 1 drive to Haifa
Hotel Haifa Atlas Bay Hotel (Fab Hotel) Haifa, Israel Day trip 95 1 1 h. to
Tel Aviv
Old City Inn Safed, Israel 95 1 1 hour
Haifa to Safed
Local Hotel – the one I booked was terrible, Found a better local hotel Tiberius, Israel Day trip 75 1 40 min
Safed to Tiberius
Sea of Galilea Day trip 1 35 mins
Tiberius to
Jerusalem Holyland Hotel [email protected] Nazareth 1 30 min
Sea of Galilea
Holyland Hotel Beit She’an 1 1 hour Jerusalem
Palestine St George Quest House Jenin Day trip 1
Jerusalem Holyland Hotel Jerusalem – drive 475 1 1.5 hour Jerusalem
Jerusalem Day trip 1
Jerusalem Holyland Hotel Jerusalem Day trip 1
Palestine Holyland Hotel Ramallah
Day trip 1
Palestine Holyland Hotel Bethlehem 1
Missions trip

good hotel

St George Quest House

Day trip 1
Israel Oasis Hotel Dead Sea Masada
Qumran Caves
Day trip 1 1.5 hour
Jerusalem to Dead Sea
Israel Oasis Hotel Dead Sea includes 2 meals 360.00 2 15 – 30 min
to each site
Israel Alexander Hotel Tel Aviv


104 2 2.0 hour
to Tel Aviv

Hotel and Flights

 Israel Palestine 4,430 30 days
US Flight  My trip was 28 days 1,600