Find Best Shuttles to Istanbul Airports, Experience Comparison

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Istanbul Airports Shuttles

As I said, Istanbul Airports Shuttles are cheap. But seriously it’s cheap if you are using the right airport. It all depends on your hotel location if a shuttle is a good value and affordable for you. Most people find them inexpensive because they stay on the European side of Istanbul. Shuttles from Sabiha Gokcen airport, on the Asian side, are expensive if you are staying on the European side of Istanbul. If you are staying on the Asian side, Sabiha Goken is the closest airport and shuttles are not expensive.

Istanbul Airports Shuttles are Cheap,

Hotels Offer Free Pick-up

My Recommendation

  • Use the Istanbul airport that is closest to your hotel
  • Ataturk Airport on the European side
  • Sabiha Gokcen Airport on the Asian side

Ataturk Airport Shuttle

It’s very inexpensive to get into Istanbul by shuttle car or taxi or tram. The train system is also an excellent way to get to the airport, and when the new tunnel opens under the Bosphorus, it will be even better than it is today. Check online for updates for airport transportation. Istanbul is a safe city to and from the airports.

Makes sure your hotel doesn’t require an extended stay to get the free shuttle.

You should be able to request and receive the free shuttle no matter how long you are staying in Istanbul.

If you do choose to fly into Sabiha Gokcen, on the Asian side make sure you use public transportation to get to your hotel. Or expect to pay about $200.00 for a private car, $120.00 US dollars / Euros (our exchange rate is very close) or 20 Euros for a group Shuttle.