Solo Travel Advice, How to travel from Seattle to Istanbul

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Seattle to Istanbul

On August 10, 2015, my Seattle to Istanbul trip began I would be returning on Oct 1st, 2015. My Seattle to Istanbul trip never planned on how neighborhoods change from year to year. I have been to Istanbul about a dozen times since 2007. I came for work and returned because of the people. Nope, didn’t have a boyfriend, just loved the kindness and hospitality, and it was a place my useful skills gave back to the community. The people I know are excellent, and it keeps me coming back.

Seattle to Istanbul Trip

I had a round trip ticket, a place to stay but not much than confidence that it was the right place to stay because of the refugee crisis in Istanbul.

We will see if my plans work out. Canceling and changing your hotel room is possible.

Are Local Neighborhoods Disappearing?


So Many People and Many Changes

People were everywhere in the summer they were sleeping on the street, and it made me feel terrible to walk down to my hotel. I had no idea that things were this bad and that ever occupied inch in Istanbul changed. Finding the right hotel was a top priority.

Here is the Itinerary I made – a week in southern Turkey to recoup from jet lag and relaxing Aegean Sea time.

FIVE STAR ALERT: Southern Turkey, in my opinion, is as good as or better than the Greek Isles.

  • Seattle (Sea) to Paris Charles-de-Gaulle Airport (CDG)
  • Paris Charles-de-Gaulle Airport (CDG) to Istanbul Atatürk Airport (IST)
  • Istanbul Atatürk Airport (IST) to Dalaman Airport (DLM)
  • Eco-transfer airport driver taxi service from Dalaman Airport (DLM) drive to hotel in Marmaris, Turkey
  • Marmaris, Turkey, Ferry to Rhodes Greece
  • Rhodes, Greece by Ferry to Fethiye, Turkey
  • Eco-transfer  – taxi service to the airport driver to and from hotels in Fethiye to Dalaman Airport (DLM)
  •  Dalaman Airport (DLM) to Istanbul Atatürk Airport (IST)
  • Don’t go to Sabiha Gokcen airport on the Asian side
    • Sabiha Gokcen Airport flights are inexpensive but if you value your time and are staying on the European side fly from Atatürk Airport (IST). Sabiha Gokcen Airport is a very time-consuming commute.
  • If your hotel is on the Asian side then fly from Sabiha Gokcen airport otherwise
  • I recommend using Aktürk Airport (IST) and public transportation to get there, especially if you are visiting other destination and using the airport while in Istanbul.
  • Hotels offer free airport pick up from Atatürk.
  • Ask for a free  Atatürk Airport pick-up from the hotel when traveling to Istanbul on the European side.
  • If your hotel is on the Asian side then fly from Sabiha Gokcen airport otherwise, I recommend using Aktürk airport and public transportation to get there.