Best Spanish Coastline View and Beach in Muxia Spain

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Best Spanish Coastline View and Beach in Muxia, Spain

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Today, started like many on this trip to Spain and Portugal. We hopped into our car and drove to one of the best Spanish coastline views and beaches in Muxia, Spain. Muxia is also known for having one of the best swimming beaches on the Atlantic Spanish coastline. Even the signs tell us, it’s “the best beach great for swimming.”

Best Spanish Coastline Beach in Muxia Spain

The day started with a breakfast sandwich of ham. As you can see below, there is no topping of sauces, just meat, and bread. It’s good, but I don’t care for ham it’s too salty. In Spain, the ham is even saltier than in the states. The friends I am traveling with live and work in Saudi Arabia and crave ham. As Asians, ham is part of their culture and since ham is a staple in Spain, they are in heaven. They literally are in hog heaven.

Best Spanish Coastline Beaches in Muxia Spain


As we left Santiago, I spot the sign to Fisterra. We are 52 km away from Fisterra. Muxia is 37 km from Santiago and a little over halfway to Fisterra. Originally, I didn’t think we would see Muxia, but, plans change. Plans are always changing while traveling and the larger the group, the more plans change. To me, this is the beauty of traveling.

Here is my Muxia video. With a little determination, we will see this beautiful location.

Best Spanish Coastline Beaches in Muxia Spain

How to Get to Muxia

There are four methods to get to Muxia from Santiago or other places in Spain. Here is a map that shows the route to Muxia.

First, your feet can take you to Muxia. Lots of people walk to Muxia, as a Camino experience.

Muxia by Bus

The second way to get to Muxia is by bus. The public transportation in Spain is great, inexpensive, and very popular. Many people such as my cousin, who lives in Spain, don’t like the public bus because ‘things happen‘ on the public buses. To the locals, the public bus gets them where ever they need to go for very little money.

Here is helpful information about traveling to Muxia, a forum, and the Muxia Bus schedule.

By Rental Car

A rental car is another option for getting to Muxia. We found rental cars in Spain are a great value, especially when traveling with six people. We booked the rental car in the USA and picked it up in Santiago.

Taxis to Muxia

Last but not least, you can take a taxi to Muxia. If you are interested, read more about Taxi tours to Muxia from TripAdvisor.

Best Spanish Coastline Beaches in Muxia Spain

Driving by Car

The roads are virtually empty all the way to Muxia. The weather broke and occasionally the sunshine tried to peak through the clouds. The air smells clean and fresh from all the rain, and the new spring plants blooming added a perfume smell. The light changes as if we are in a movie. The only thing that is missing is the soundtrack. It is as if the sky is a light show.

Best Spanish Coastline Beaches in Muxia Spain

Muxia Beach and the Spanish Coastline

Best Spanish Coastline Beach

Look a sign that says Muxia is a great beach. It’s about to rain again.

Dramatic Spanish Coastline

There are breathtaking ocean views, just like the beautiful coastline of Carmel, California, or the Washington coast. My Muxia video captures the sweeping views and crashing waves.  Truly, this location is must see. I am shocked by how uninhabited and gorgeous the landscape is. If the day had been sunnier, I think this is an ultimate picnic beach. I would love to watch the waves and share a nice meal on this beach. However, it’s slightly rainy and my group is pushing on to Fisterra.

Best Spanish Coastline Beaches in Muxia Spain

Muxia Town Square

The town square is surrounded by a boardwalk. The boardwalk allows visitors to walk along the shore at a safe level that avoids the waves. It’s comfortable for walkers, wheelchairs, and skateboarders and I saw people of all ages using it because it is a wide, level walkway.

For the more adventurous, jump down on the rocks when the tide is out and examine the coastline first hand. Shells are scattered among the rocks. Notice the scale of the person in the photo. It illustrates how huge scale of the area and seems as if the vast the ocean goes on forever.

Best Spanish Coastline Beaches in Muxia Spain

This is Muxia, a town square, a long boardwalk, and a bar, making it easy to get around.

Best Spanish Coastline Beaches in Muxia Spain

We explored the shore for sea life and shells.

Best Spanish Coastline Beaches in Muxia Spain

I realize how small I am in the great scheme of things when I am near an ocean. My insignificance is heightened when I stand next to the ocean. The feeling of insignificance puts life in order and I gain a new perspective.

As I look around, the town is preached right on the rugged shore. Having the homes right along the coastline adds to the dramatic mood of this little village.

Muxia is a great place to see if you are traveling to Spain and want to get away. In the town, a few places are available to rent. The rooms are small and quaint. This is a place, that offers a simpler life and slow travel is a must if you come here.

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