Best Trip Planning for Cyprus Travel with current Travel Map

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Cyprus Travel 2015 Map

Cyprus Travel 2015 Map for this trip built with Google made the Itinerary easy to travel. It’s great to see where you are going before you leave so you have an idea about the country before you depart. This cool app lets me build my Cyprus Travel 2015 Map share it with friends and save it for later.  Plot your route for Cyprus Travel using my 2015 Map.

Cyprus Travel 2015 Map

The Two Routes to Cyprus

Here is where I went. this is Cyprus Travel 2015 Map. Don’t do what I did. Connecting the dots is not the way you ant to go. This route takes too much time and instead of costing $100.00 t0 $200.00 round trip it can cost you up to $1,500 USD. Be careful pick the right route. Only Aegean Air flies to Greek Cyprus.

Several Turkish airlines fly to Nicosia

Connect the dots to Cyprus

Here is how I should have gone.

Istanbul to Cyprus (2)

When you fly from Istanbul go to the Turkish side of the island and take a local bus to see the ruins in Pathos. The beaches are nicer on that side of the island. But remember there  really aren’t beaches on this island – but rather it has rock shores.