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What to Know When Getting Your Turkish Visa

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Update: October 2017

Turkey no longer offers Americans Visas either at the door or online. They did this because, in October, the United States Federal government stopped issuing Visas to Turkish citizens because of the arrest of a Turkish national employees arrest, suspended Visas for Turkish citizens. If you are an American, currently holding a Turkish Visa it will be honored until expiration. No new Visas will be issued. USA Visa as Turkish citizens will be honored until expiration. Since this is a fluid situation, immediately check online for updates or check in at the closest governments consulate.

This is a fluid situation so check online and learn when the Visa will be reissued – we all hope this situation resolves quickly.


Update October 26th 2017

Some Americans may have found a workaround for getting a Turkish Visa, learn more.

How I Entered Turkey During the Visa Ban — And How You Can Too


The Turkish government recommends applying for a visa online before entry. Here are my tips for getting your Turkish visa quickly and easily

Getting Your Turkish Visa – How to Obtain the Right Travel Documents

  • The official document marks are shown below
  • Don’t forget to bring your visa with you to Turkey so that you can enter
Getting your Turkish visa - electronic version

An electronic visa for Turkey

Three Easy Steps

Buyer Beware – Go to the real site or you will pay twice as much for your visa.

Note: Always look for the official Turkish government address on any website you visit while getting your Turkish visa – make sure the page URL ends with
  • All other agents charge handling fees
  • Buying from an agent may cost twice what the Turkish government charges
  • Buyer beware – check the URL
  • Be sure you are buying direct from the Turkish government

USE THIS SITE: Apply online. Multi-entry visas only cost $35.

  • Be careful of errors, typos, cancelations, double submissions
  • No refunds are offered. Double-check all info before completing the form.
Marble floors in Turkey

Marble floors in Turkey

Do I need a visa for Turkey? Yes.

  • Do I need a visa for Turkey from UK or USA? Yes.
  • Use the Turkish government website here to check for your eligibility

What do I need to start getting my Turkish visa?

  • You need to have a valid passport current for at least six (6) months from your exit date

Do I need a visa to go to Turkey on the exact date specified in an application?

  • No. Your Turkish visa simply begins from the date specified in your application.
  • You may enter Turkey on any date within 90-day visa period

Do I need to obtain a separate Turkish visa for people accompanying me?

  • Yes

May I enter Turkey multiple times using my e-visa?

  • Yes. You may apply for a multiple-entry visa.

May I stay in Turkey longer than my visa permits?

The short answer is no.

  • It is illegal to overstay your visa
  • If you do, you may be deported and banned from travel to Turkey
  • Remember if you overstay, you will pay a fine and may not be allowed to return
  • If you want to stay past your Turkish visa period, apply for a residence permit at any local police station
  • Remember the purpose of this type of visa is strictly for tourism or trade
  • You must carry your passport and present it to any police officer who requests it
  • If you wish to apply for a different kind of visa, such as a work or student visa, you must submit an application at the Turkish Embassy or Consulate

When should I apply to start getting my Turkish visa?

  • You may submit your visa application at any time before your travel
  • However, because processing may take up to 48 hours, allow for extra time
  • It’s wise to submit your visa application online at least 72 hours before departure

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