Vietnam Budget Travel Tips for Female Travel

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Vietnam Budget Recommendations

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My Vietnam budget is posted here as a source of good information. You may be wondering how much money you will need for Vietnam.

My daughter and I organized and took this trip together. We used this exact budget. Having just gotten back, we want to let you know that it’s an accurate estimate. We had no out-of-the-ordinary expenses. We brought about $400 for extras such as food, coffee, and gifts.

Vietnam Budget for Your Trip

I found that the country is very inexpensive, and a great travel value.

Vietnam cost budgeting, Vietnam Budget Recommendations

Vietnam budget example, Spring 2016 — in US dollars

Vietnam Budget Recommendations

Our budget included transportation, hotel, and a special “food tour” that allowed us to sample more places than we would have without a guide. Vietnamese cuisine is known worldwide for its unique flavors and dishes. The food tour is a great value and a fun way to see the historic city of Hanoi.

I recommend budgeting some money for a special tour like the one that we did. That way, you will get the most out of your trip to Vietnam.

Rex Hotel and Grand Silverland Hotel Spa

If you are choosing between Rex Hotel and Grand Silverland Hotel on, here is my opinion. The two hotels cost almost the same. Rex Hotel is the oldest hotel in the area. Silverland Hotel is across the street from a hospital. Lots of people use the latter hotel for “medical tourism.”

If you want a nice, upscale neighborhood, select Rex Hotel. The neighborhood where Rex Hotel is located is better than Silverland Hotel. I feel it might be a safer location for some travelers. You will have to decide what is best for you.

If you can’t climb stairs, Grand Silverland Hotel isn’t the right hotel for you. Grande Silverland has lots of stairs at the entrance and an elevator inside. It is close to the market, about a 1/2-block away, and the hospital that provides cosmetic surgeries on demand and medical tourism is right across the street.

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