Must Have Travel Protection Gear - How Ring Protects Your Home When Traveling

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Travel Packing List

Best Travel Protection Gear

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When I think about traveling, it makes me think about packing my travel medicine for some extra protection. Everyone needs some extra protection. Thinking about travel protection, I realized travelers, need travel protection gear to stay safer while on vacation or a business trip.

Shortlist of Must Have Travel Gear List


I have written about best earbud, but want to them to my travel protection list for use on flights, trains or bus rides. Earbuds protect from loud noises, help me sleep better, but sometimes they don’t fit right. Buy a few types and try them on and out before you go. Find the pair that blocks all noise or partially blocks noise. I prefer partial. My thinking is if there was an emergency, getting enough time to get out is more critical than total silence.

travel protection gear, travel essentials

Shower Flip Flops

Flips flops are a must-have. I go to the Walking Company to help make up my mind when it comes to the type that is best. I buy my travel shoes from them and go in for a fit from time to time. If in doubt, buy an inexpensive pair of flip-flops at Amazon or Old Navy and bring them on your trip to use in the shower and as slippers in a home.


This goes without saying, bring sunscreen! Please remember to use it and carry it with you in your bag along with water.

Rash Shirts

If you sunburn easily and are going somewhere tropical, a rash guard is a great item to bring. I protect my arms by wearing a rash shirt or a long sleeve shirt of linen or a linen blouse. For me, I need more protection, covering my skin as time goes by.

Sanitizing Wipes or Gel

Wipes or hand sanitizer are great to add in your bag when using outhouses, public restrooms, and while traveling. I never know when I will need these.

Sunglasses and Hat

There are a million reasons to wear a hat. Most importantly, to me is it protects my face from the sun. I love hats, and I have a whole page of hats I have worn around the world. Pack a hat that is right for your trip and the weather, location, and culture.

travel protection gear


An umbrella may sound like a funny travel protection item, but, umbrellas are certainly appreciated when unexpected rain shower start. Umbrellas are great to use in snow storms too. They also can be used as protection from the sun in those sunny, hot locations when the shade is needed.


Small simple and easy to have on your body at all times. I will never need it, most likely. However, if I ever do need a whistle to get help, this small secret weapon is a great travel protection item.

travel protection gear, travel essentials

Ace Bandage

Here is a photo of how I used an Ace bandage while traveling. I sprained my knee, and it helps to compress and reduce the swelling and pain. I gladly used it, even though it didn’t look too pretty. Fortunately, because I had it, I could continue on my trip.

Travel Protection Gear

At Home


At home, have Ring installed and a phone with ‘live stream.’ Ring doorbells, installed with ADT or another home security agent, helps guard and protects your home while traveling. With Ring, answer your door from anywhere in the world, review it, save or respond. I’m in control of my home security with Ring from anywhere in the world while traveling.

Lock and Hold

I tell a neighbor when I’m taking a trip. Trust them, give them a key to your home and bring them a gift for the help when you return. In some areas, I tell the police if I am gone for a long time, and they will patrol around your home.

Lock the door and windows before leaving home and turn on the security system on before going on vacation.

Tell the garbage, cable and the postal service the dates of travel, stop service from these services. Nothing is as big a give away that I’m on vacation then when boxes are at my front door, mail falling out of the mailbox and garbage cans left outside.


Don’t forget the water. I drink plenty of water while on holiday as it fights, dehydration, vertigo, and jet lag. Always pack an empty water bottle in your carry-on.

Travel Essentials

Everything on my Travel Essentials below I use and pack when traveling.

Travel Planning

Download the Free Shortlist Must Have Travel Protection Gear Packing List. It’s great for all travelers.

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