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Welcome to my travel resource page where my travel planning tips are posted. This page is for any one traveling alone, in a group or with a friend. You can be young or old, gay straight or trans. Everyone can use the travel advice on this page. It’s for people at all stages of life. My Female Travel Resources, Travel Tips, and Best Trip Tips are updated often. The list is worth following and watching to see the latest and best travel tips, tours, and travel resources. These are all free services here to help you plan a better trip so you can have more fun.

The list is worth following and watching to see the latest and best travel tips, tours, and travel resources.

Best Travel Tips & Travel Resources

Hopefully, you will believe as I do, it’s worth your time to do a little planning before you take your trip. If you do a little planning I think you will have more fun and hopefully, you will be safer too. My travel tips are worth your time because you will learn about great experiences and how to make the most of your time. The travel resources also make your trip be easier with fewer hassles. These topics and tips are my favorites, my research and used by me. These travel resources have been gathered over the years and I add to this page regularly.

Click on the links below for more travel tips.

Kate’s Best Suggestions

2016 Top Destinations Best Destination

Top 3 Airlines Favorite Airlines

Why I picked Delta Airlines 2015, 2016, 2017 – Delta Airlines

2017 Best Hotels in the World Best Hotels in The World

List of UNESCO World Heritage Sites My Favorite Travel locations are here

50 Best Holidays for Solo Female Travelers My Favorite Holidays at any stage of life

Why It’s Important to Travel Now Current Travel Advice

Best General Recommendations

AARP Discounts Air and Rail Travel

Rental Cars – How to Pick a Good Car

SeatGuru Check to see if you have a great comfortable Airplane seat


Travel Tips

UK Driving Tips

Travel Driving

Driving Europe

Road Safety Europe

Are You Ready to Travel Now?

How You May Travel Safely

Boomers Health and Safety Travel Tips

Common Sense Tips For Women Traveling Alone

US Government Agencies

Safe Travel Checklist

U.S. News & World Report’s 2017 Travel Credit Card Guides

  1. 2017 Travel Credit Card Survey
  2. How Travel Credit Cards Work
  3. Benefits and Drawbacks of Travel Rewards Credit Cards
  4. Choosing the Best Travel Credit Card
  5. Comparing Two Rewards Travel Credit Cards
  6. Best Travel Credit Cards

Travel Resources


Travel Code of Conduct – Know the Right Code of Conduct –

Video Sacred places code of conduct – Tourist Code of Conduct

Common mistakes that make you miss your flight


International Calling Codes


Currency Exchange Rates XE and Oanda


Travel Phrase and Words


Medical and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Immunizations and Shots

Did I Catch something?

What do to do if I get sick while traveling?

Bed Bugs – How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Practical Information for Travelers – Guide

Traveling Abroad with Diabetes

Travel Medical Checklist

Travel Alternatives

Expat Travel –

Make a Difference

Teach American Children

Teach English Abroad with TEFL-TESOL certificate required

Expat Travel – Travel Abroad as a Volunteer at 50+

Volunteer through your church, synagogue, or mosque

Time Zones

World Clock Find a Cities Current Time

Travel Guides

Magellan’s Guides for Travelers

Travel Maps

Free Google Audio Guides

Tripadvisor – Travel Guide

Travelers Insurance

Guide to Travel Health Insurance

The US Travel Insurance Association

Insurance ExchangeSquaremouth Travel Insurance

World Nomads

Volunteer Card Insurance

Rental Car

Bargain Car Rentals

Travel Apps – List

Medical Apps 6 Travel Apps for Medical Emergencies

Travel Agents

Best in Istanbul, Turkey – Travel Planners Turkey – Ask for Filiz

Tours Offering Value

ElderTrek – Solo Women, Men, and Couples and Fab Tours

Great New Tours By Elder Trek – Explore the World with Tribal Elders

National Geographic Journeys – No Single Supplements Travel

Southwest Adventure Tours – Local American Southwest Guides

Overseas Adventure Travel – Adventure

Rick Steves safety tips for women – Practical. Wise advice

Trekking in Annapurna Region – Nepal | Bhutan | Everest Himalayas, Exotic wildlife

Trip Planning by Budget and Location

Bohemian Trails – Off Beat Travel

BootsNall – Budget Travel

GetHotelRates – Best Hotel Rates for the USA, CA, EU

Loveholidays – Finds Low-cost Inspired Holidays based on your requirements, budget, offers great value

Lonely Planet – Travel Resources

Matador Network – Web’s Largest Travel Magazine

Best Things to Do in Norway – Pages, and Pages all about Norway.

Pleasant Holidays – Hawaii, Tahiti, Central America great deals

Rough Guides – Travel based on your favorite topic

The Compulsive Traveler – Travel videos

Travel Yoga

Airplane Yoga Exercises

Yoga Retreats and Adventures

Yoga Travel


Sydney Beach Australia

Other Bloggers

Belize – Learn more about Belize

Boston – All About Boston

Chicago restaurants – Restaurateur Rick Bayless

Mexico City – Good food and Eats

New Orleans – All the Latest News

New York – Official Tourism

Foodies in New York- Serious Eats

Transit for New York – NYC Routes

Food Blogger in Paris – David Lebovitz

Paris – Reluctant Francophile

Paris Restaurants – Alec Lobrano Hungry in Paris

Philippines – Solitary Wanderer

Santa Fe – All About Santa Fe

Southeast Asia – (Vietnam) – Complete Guide

Thailand – All About Thailand

Yucatan – Yucatan Guide

Travel Tour By Your Passions

Dental Tours – Saint Barth Dental

Photography Tours – Jim Cline Photo Tours

Mexican Cooking Tours – Mexican Home Cooking School

Vacation with Purpose – Discover Corps.

Umbria Wine and Food – Gusto – Umbria Wine Tours Website

First, for the latest Travel Resources click on the links on this page. My travel resource list is my best advice and travel tips.

Please bookmark this page and check back often we update it regularly. Therefore, you will find hidden pearls of advice on this page. You can use it for helpful hints to use on your next trip.

One small recommendation, don’t over plan. I believe, one of the fun aspects of travel is being present and going with the flow. Travel is for relaxation and recharging your battery so do things for you.

Whenever you travel, check out this page before you go. Why? Because if you visit the travel resources and travel tips, you will save time planning and maybe save some money. You might even learn some hacks. If you use these links, which I have used, you will also have the best travel experience.

Fortunately, the list is always growing and changing. If you are interested in sharing your link or information, please contact us. Everything on the list we recommend and endorse so we look forward to your great suggestions.

Please share your resources with us to help our readers. We love to improve and want to work and link to the best sites to help our readers.

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