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Trip Planning and Travel Nicosia Turkey

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Trip Planning and Travel Nicosia, Turkey, is very easy. The border crossing is comfortable and the simplest border cross I have ever done. You don’t need to do much travel planning to get there from Cyprus. All you have to do is take the bus, have your passport and walk through the checkpoint.

On my way to the border crossing, I saw familiar U.S. brands such as Kentucky Fried Chicken, Starbucks, and Coca-Cola. The sidewalks and streets were peaceful. I wandered the streets like I would in any European or USA city.

Cyprus doesn’t have an immigration or refugee crisis, like some other places in Greece. Maybe this is because it is an island. Or maybe it’s because of Cyprus’ rocky coastline. But regardless, it has been forgotten as a destination by the refugees on the Turkish and Greek part of the island. The island remains the only divided country since the fall of the Berline wall. (Unless you consider Korea as a divided country)

Trip Planning and Travel Nicosia, Turkey

Heading to Nicosia, Turkey

Colorful Awnings Make Shade for Tourists

Graffiti, or today’s art for the masses, isn’t very easy to find here. Graffiti and tagging is limited

Heading to Nicosia, Turkey

Nicosia is a fabulous place. It’s like stepping back through Alice’s looking glass from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. The past turns into the present. Nicosia is a visual taste treat for the senses.

When I went, I couldn’t shop, it was too hot. The atmosphere is old fashion, and it looks like 1920. Even though it was hot, the shops had fans which pointed towards the customers. I got a table, a seat and a fan as part of your service. The shopkeepers shared whatever they had with the guests, so everyone was comfortable.

Heading to Nicosia, Turkey

From the markets and the unique ways, the shop owners make shade to the very cheap copies of designer merchandise. The Turkish bazaar though quiet is ready for business and tourists. You will find clean, romantic cafes with excellent food. I thought I had the best, iced espresso in Nicosia. I found the friendly people are very helpful were on the Turkish side of the Island. This island is full of kindness and is a land of hospitality.

Heading to Nicosia, Turkey

The markets have ripe veggies and fruit and are all grown on the Cyprus. The market sells sustainable farming products, and shopping is best if you shop early.

In the market, I spied a café that was right out of the 1920s.

Heading to Nicosia, Turkey

There is Christian church which is now a mosque. It was built by Crusaders but is now a Muslim mosque doesn’t offer any Christian services there. Conquering buildings seems to be the Turkish way. Selimiye Mosque was Saint Sophia Cathedral, and now it’s a mosque.

Selimiye Mosque was Saint Sophia Cathedral. Conquering seems to be the Ottoman way.

Heading to Nicosia, Turkey

Heading to Nicosia, Turkey graffiti

I think both Cyprus and Nicosia just want a little peace existence. They are both very relaxed places, very easy to get around. They felt safe to me, so I recommend it to travel there as a tourist. The people are very friendly.

Heading to Nicosia, Turkey

I Took the Green Bus back to Cyprus.

On the day I rode the bus, the bus was Orange. The Orange Bus surprised even the locals. I guess it’s usually a green bus. They call it the Green Bus, because it is always Green, except for the day I took it.

Heading to Nicosia, Turkey

Travel tip: I think if I went to Cyprus again, I would stay on the Nicosia side. Buy a beautiful hotel room for less money than Cyprus. It might even be a nicer hotel on the Turkish side.

If you stay in Nicosia, to see the historical sites take the Green Bus to Cyprus. The best beaches – which are few, located in the Turkish part of the island are worth seeing.

Fly in from Istanbul to the Turkish airport to save money.

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