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Feel My Love for Espresso

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My Love for Espresso is known by everyone who knows me. When I got back from Romania, all of the guys from the Arasta Bazaar teased me that my iced espresso each morning would make me sick. When I did get sick, they were sure the iced espressos from Starbucks had done it. I think it was a little flu bug.

My Love for Espresso, Confessions of a Coffee Lover

I Love drinking it and photographing espresso!

Thinking back on it, I had taken a lot of photos of espresso during my travels. When I was in London in 2014, I took this picture of my coffee at the Royal Thames Yacht Club. The room was only 65 pounds sterling and one of the best coffees in London.

Confession I Am An Espresso Junkie

travel tips, Love for Espressotravel tips, Love for Espresso

Here is my friend Ian. We had our espresso below in this neat “yachtsy-room”.

Is it weird? I enjoy espresso so much.

When I was in Istanbul, I went to Starbucks each morning. Please, two shots of espresso — a dupio — and I asked for it in a Grande plastic cup with lots and lots of ice. Buz is the Turkish word for ice.

Here is my espresso in Cyprus, Greece.

travel tips, Love for Espresso

travel tips, Love for Espresso

travel tips, Love for Espresso

Here is my espresso in Bucharest at breakfast. Another day another espresso — Bucharest. Espresso makes me happy. In Istanbul — I spied this lady in front of Starbucks. I think she loves espresso too. You meet the nicest people at Starbucks. These photos taken at Starbucks in Taksim so how people everywhere love coffee.

travel tips, Love for Espresso

Because of our chance meeting, this young woman. We had an excellent coffee together. Her parents wouldn’t let her go anywhere else without them.

They were afraid for her safety in Istanbul.  She is from Qatar and only seventeen years old.

travel tips, Love for Espressotravel tips, Love for Espresso

Sometimes I just order an espresso for no reason. Another espresso at the airport as I was leaving Bucharest.

I love coffee. I think I need to take more photos of it.


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  1. Kate

    November 14, 2015 at 12:52 pm

    ok, one coffee coming up!

  2. Coffee Lover

    November 14, 2015 at 8:17 am

    I want to have that coffee too )))

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