Free Donuts, Seattle Shopping, Pike Place Market, Best Credit Card

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Free Donuts Friday, Seattle Shopping & Best Travel Credit Card

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Today I got an invitation from #DeltaAmexPerks to come to Westlake Center, in downtown Seattle for free donuts. What a nice perk to get from a credit card company. I went in to town, and ate so many donuts: I felt like I am rolling down the street.

You can take advantage of this free offer from #DeltaAmexPerks and Top Pot. Head to Northgate Mall with your American Express card. Go around 2:00 pm and get your free donuts. Today is the last stop on the donut tour. I love Top Pot donuts, and American Express is the best travel credit card. Here is why.

Seattle Shopping & Best Travel Credit Card

Seattle Pike Place Market

Now, downtown I walked around. We have terrible smog from the fires in Canada. The smog hasn’t stopped the tourist. Luckily, downtown Seattle is one of the few places in the area where the breeze is clearing the air. Strolling through the Pike Place Market, I met a lovely couple from Orlando, Florida.

They are a wonderful couple and just completed an Alaska Princess Cruise. They decided to take a self-guided tour of Seattle, and that is when I bumped into them. We meet because we both stopped to take the same photo and said hi.

I answered a few questions, made a few recommendations and off to the original Starbucks they went. I felt like a tourist in my hometown.

Seattle Shopping & Best Travel Credit Card

Next, walking through the Pike Place Market the tourist in a stupor, sort of a daze, walked like Zombies stopping to examine the fresh produce. The must be vegan Zombies. Snapping a few photos of the shoppers, I bumped in to a few of them. The lavender and flowers, in their prime, made the market smell sweet. Today the flowers looked especially fresh. Go to the market; it’s a perfect time to buy the best flowers, fruit, and lavender.

Seattle Shopping & Best Travel Credit Card

We used our Amex card shopping in the market. All the merchants use Square now. I am glad that more small shops take the card now. Amex is making it easier for them by lowering merchant fees. I don’t shop anywhere that doesn’t take America Express. If Amex isn’t accepted, I go to another store, or restaurant that accepts it. For me if a shop, hotel or restaurant takes Amex, it means to me, they are a quality organization.

Amex Card

I think American Express is the best travel credit card and the best credit card to use at home. Guess I have a strong opinion about credit cards. Amex always protects me in dispute, quickly replaces my card, lets me make cash advance when I am in a jam, and protects my rights where ever I use it.

Another Point About Cards

My friend lost his ATM/ Debit card and needed to get a cash advance until he could get the replacement debit card. His Visa wasn’t helpful. Next, he contacted Amex, and they gave him the withdrawal. If you are traveling – here is a travel tip, ‘don’t leave home without your American Express card.’ Visa isn’t helpful when you are in a pinch. Honestly, this is all true and happened today. It happened right before our donut binge. And think, we ate free donuts and met a lovely couple. All and all a good day.

I want tourists, solo travelers, and people going on holiday to know how important it is to carry the right credit card. I love American Express Travel.

Post Alley

Back to shopping, we went on to Post Alley. If you walk down Post Alley, you will find all types of shops and restaurants that take Amex. The best shops and restaurants will let you eat there or ship it anywhere in the world. It’s ‘take out’ or to ‘dine in’ at its finest.

Seattle Shopping & Best Travel Credit Card

Best Seattle Shopping

After the best shopping, and walking around downtown Seattle, I looked at the viaduct which is finally coming down. An under ground highway is in the works. ‘Bertha’ the tunnel machine, (yes we name our tunnel machines) has carved out a monster tunnel. Road crews work on the new road, but you can’t see it in most places. Eventually, the market will be completely opened up with a great waterfront view rivaling the best views in the world. Seattle is a world class tourist destination but, with the new tunnel, and the open water-front, Seattle will have the best views in the world.

Friday Free Donuts, Seattle Shopping & Best Travel Credit Card

Graffiti and Totem Poles

I found a great graffiti wall and park where people were enjoying coffee, playing with their children, hanging out and relaxing. In the opposite direction, there are two totem poles. Where else can you find totem poles, graffiti and a water-front all in one place? Seattle isn’t like anywhere else in the world, and the views in the middle of a city are unique.

Hope you come and see our Pike Place Market and do a little shopping. Call me – you have an invitation.

Seattle Shopping & Best Travel Credit Card

Stroll Seattle’s Japanese Garden

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  1. Jim Allen

    August 12, 2017 at 8:57 am

    I got a donut too. I am munching one of my doughnuts now Kate! Yum!

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