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Travel Photography, My Bride Shot, Castelul Peles

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Castelul Peles isn’t the current royal palace. However, before the Communist times, this was the royal palace. It is also known as Peleș Castle. Local people spend the day in the park and stroll the gardens and grounds Castelul Peles. I love to take photos of brides and where ever I travel, I feel like I have won the lottery when taking a picture of a bride. I won the lottery here because I got my ‘bride shot, Castelul Peles’.

My Bride Shot, Castelul Peles

On every trip, I try to find a photo of a bride. It’s fun to find favorite things to photograph and search for them like a scavenger hunt.

Romania, Castelul Peles     

What’s it like at Castelul Peles, Romania?

At 4 p.m. Castelul Peles

Local families were relaxing, spending a quiet day in the country.Inside Castelul Peles, each diplomat has a room decorated in the countries decor, so the ambassadors feel welcome. The royals entertained each country’s ambassador in style, and away that they enjoyed to so they felt comfortable. Each ambassador had a dedicated receiving room, decorated in the style of that country’s traditional interior design, style, and taste. The castle was the meet and greet castle in its day.

Romania canon

Tired, we wandered around. We went into the large courtyard. I took a few pictures and then ‘Bang!’ There she was, my bride shot. Click on the bride to see my slide show.


When you travel, do things that make you happy

Don’t spend the money going inside. The best part of this travel experience are the grounds. I love to take photos of brides. Photography makes me euphoric. However, when I see a Bride I am very lucky – It is my lucky day. Today is one of my lucky days. We saw lots of brides. When I see a bride when I am traveling, I know I am lucky!  I love it when this happens when I am abroad.

 Romanian Bride

I suggest picking some things that are your favorite and hunt for them while you travel. Because, looking for them helps relax the day, and helps focus on details. You will become be an observer.

My favorite things to photograph are brides, utility hole covers, graffiti, cats, and espresso. Oh yes, also light on anything and through windows. I love light. When I take a photo of my toes in the water in every, sea, ocean and major river. I can entertain myself for hours just looking at things and seeing how beautiful the world is. Having fun and being happy doesn’t cost money, it takes time.


Stained-glass windows are the castle’s treasure

The castle is famous for stained-glass windows. Because of this some of the finest examples of this type of art are here. If you go inside, take the time to examine the windows and the glass throughout the castle.

Romania, stain glass windows

Furthermore, the unique diplomatic receiving rooms are spectacular with many styles of classical interior design. I found some that I liked, and then my camera battery died. We had another battery in the car, but that wasn’t going to help. I was too tired to go to the care and find my battery. Unfortunately, I was so tired; I didn’t care what I saw. Being there was just fine. Inside and outside, I saw old-world charm.

My Bride Shot, Castelul Peles

However, an interesting point, you don’t have to go inside the buildings. You can go on a guided tour. Luckily, Nicolae had permission to wander at our own pace. I was grateful we could walk slowly because my body was exhausted. The day had become very long.

Honestly, if I had known, I might have skipped paying the admission fees (one for photos and one for entering the castle). The outside is magnificent. At Castelul Peles, my suggestion is just to enjoy the grounds and use the castle as a place to relax and enjoy a picnic lunch. That’s what the locals do.

Romania, Castelul Peles

Advice — keep your extra camera battery with you

Keep your extra gear with you your extra battery, camera parts, sunscreen, and cell phone. Keep these items with you at all times.

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  1. TRIPAVIP Romania

    December 28, 2015 at 11:29 pm

    Seeing a bride on your way means Good Luck, by romanian tradition… Although you don’t have to hunt them… Take it easy, enjoy the trip and Luck will find you!

    • Kate

      January 3, 2016 at 9:51 am

      HI thanks for sharing that a bride means good luck. Honestly, I didn’t know that. I must be really lucky! thanks

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