Cyprus - Best 5 Days in Cyprus, Visit Ancient History Sites

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Best 5 Days in Cyprus, History and Ancient Ruins

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Cyprus has Awesome Ancient Ruins! Cyprus is a very hot, humid and laid-back island. It’s a great place to sunbathe, but it doesn’t have white, sandy beaches. The beaches are rocky. My good time on Cyprus happened because I made lemonade out of my lemons. My problems started with an awful driver sent by the hotel, not to mention booking a worn-out old hotel.

Both the driver and hotel were overpriced

Best 5 Days in Cyprus, History and Ancient Ruins

Best 5 Days in Cyprus, History and Ancient Ruins

Cyprus bullet point review

Cyprus was a British colony and part of the British empire. It’s now an independent country with close ties to Greece. I felt it would be elegant and quiet.

  • It is quiet.
  • Cyprus is hotter than you can ever imagine, and it’s humid.
  • This is a good place to go to drink. It has lots of cheap bars and restaurants. It’s a party scene.
  • Without beautiful beaches, Cyprus is a good place to sit by a pool and read. Or, if you stay in the old town section, you can hang out and have cocktail hour almost anytime.
  • Bars open at 9 a.m.

Cyprus is a good place if you like parties and the bar scene, and you want to drink, rest, and sunbathe.This is a place for those who want a slow, retired pace, or for the “slower side of 60-something crowd.” If you are limited in your mobility or need a break, the Annabelle might work for you.

Paphos has historical sites and ancient ruins

If you are active and love ancient ruins and history, there are several archeological sites to visit on Cyprus. The Paphos region on the island has many places to visit. Some of my favorites:

  • Tomb of the Kings
  • Paphos Castle
  • Salomon’s catacomb
  • Mosaic museum
  • Pillars of Paul, the Parish Church, and outdoor mosaics

Paphos Castle

Best 5 Days in Cyprus, History and Ancient Ruins

Here are some of the positives about Paphos

  • Paphos tourism spots don’t cost too much
  • The town is really friendly and filled with lots of British expatriates
  • It’s easy to meet people on the island whether they are residents or  tourists
  • It’s very, very friendly place
  • The fish is fresh. You can pick out your fish and have it prepared the way you like it.

Annabella, Best 5 Days in Cyprus, History and Ancient Ruins

This may be the best place in the world for you. You make the call! What do you think?

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