How Make the Best Trip Plan to Find Dracula in Brasov, Romania

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How to Hunt for Dracula in Brasov

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What started out as a joke, or How to hunt for Dracula in Brasov became a true how to find Dracula story. We began at Bucharest. As we drove out of town we saw the Royal Palace. But, when we arrived at the Royal Palace and the gates opened up for us.

Really? That was weird!

Are we still hunting for Dracula in Brasov or should we change course? I asked,

“Let’s go in if they are opening the gates.” Nicole was wise beyond his 40-something years.

“No,” I said. “We need to get to Dracula’s Castle.”

I looked at the radio and it was on KISS FM, a local station at home. It was the same local station for Nicolae, too. We share a radio station.

Hunting for Dracula in Brasov

Searching for Truth or Fiction

Off to Brasov to hunt for Dracula, Hunting for Dracula in Brasov

I asked, “Why did they open the gates?”

“They think you are part of the diplomatic or royal family.”

“Really? Why?”

Hunting for Dracula in Brasov

The car was a brand-new black Mercedes. I figured that was why the gates opened. Maybe new black Mercedes are rare here. Nope, it was the license plates — Nicolae said they were secret service plates.

W in Romania means secret service. Nicolae had applied for the plates and hadn’t taken the car sightseeing before today. He was as surprised as I was. Brasov images here.

Hunting for Dracula in Brasov, Black Church, Brasov Romania

 The Daunting Itinerary 

We were off to Brasov and stayed on course to Brasov. We saw the ancient guard tower.

Off to Brasov to hunt for Dracula, Hunting for Dracula in Brasov

On to the Black Church, named because it was black from a fire

Black Church, Hunting for Dracula in Brasov

I entered and Nicolae stayed outside. When I was done visiting the church we continued our walk. Through the town we walked, chatting about the history and I stopped for loads of photos.
We were stopping for every photo so we made horrible time. But, because we had a great parking spot we could make up some of that time.

Black Church, Brasov Romania, Hunting for Dracula in Brasov

We saw lots of Romanian squares and historic sites. The largest organ in Romania is at the Black Church.

Black Church, Brasov Romania, Hunting for Dracula in Brasov

Medieval tempera paintings on wood

Black Church, Brasov Romania, Hunting for Dracula in Brasov

As we walked, I thought about the Nazis and Holocaust Memorial

I told Nicolae that wherever I go, I always go to the Holocaust Memorial. He said he would take me there. That meant a lot to me and was a special gift. It was a gift because my daughter and I have a tradition to never miss a Holocaust Memorial.

We walked slowly through this historic place.

Without the special parking spots, we never could have seen so many things.

Nicolae said. “The guards, they think you are a diplomat or part of the royal family because of our license plate.”  I hope that is a true story! But, it is true, and just so happened that the British Royal family was there for some event. People assumed we were part of the Royals. I think it was because Nicolae tipped everyone very well but also because we had special license plates. This treat is, it was worth it. I was a princess for a day in Romania.

Was it Worth it?

For one day, I was actually a diva for the day. I was treated like I was very special by the service and Nicolae. Yes, a princess for a day, on the way to Bran Castle Hunting for Dracula isn’t a bad way to spend the day. I actually recommend taking his tour and enjoying the relaxed adventure from a private car all inclusive with an excellent tour guide who is fluent in English!

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  1. TRIPAVIP Romania

    December 28, 2015 at 11:48 pm

    Princesses are always welcomed in Transylvania… Dracula is well known as being the best host! Having garlic in your pocket is a MUST when you pay him a visit.

    • Kate

      January 3, 2016 at 9:52 am

      Garlic, I thought that was a wise tale, I don’t think I had any that day. Lucky I got away.

      • Nicolae

        August 30, 2016 at 6:01 am

        That’s because I had in my pockets… But I didn’t tell you so you could feel comfortable during the trip… All the legends are based on a true story… Same as our services at @Tripavip Romania (

        • Kate

          August 30, 2016 at 6:34 am

          Your trips are fabulous. I recommend them highly! My friends here have even asked about hiring you! Keep up the great work and perfect service.

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