How to be a Good Traveler - Know the Rules of Tourism

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How to Be a Good Traveler – Tourist Rules

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Having a good time, and helping others when traveling is all about being a good tourist, and a better traveler. Maybe these little helpful hints are basic. If you follow them, you will have fewer conflicts as a tourist and while traveling. This travel advice and travel tips are called The Rules of Tourism, which are simple. It basically boils down to ‘don’t say everything you think.’ And because you think it, it doesn’t mean it is true or real.

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All these travel tips are offered to make traveling a great experience anywhere in the world. Use these for a better time and to be kind to those around you. Honestly, it will help make your vacation and travel a better experience.

Basic Rules of Tourism

  1. Always use the bathroom when you see one. Now, this is super important on the Camino de Santiago. If you don’t use the bathroom, you will be taking restroom breaks in a cow pasture.
  2. ‘Don’t be a buttinsky’ as my dad would say.
  3. Pickpockets are out there. Don’t carry your wallet in your back pocket. Use a money belt, money clip or in a secure pocket. Never have your backpack on your back put it under your arm, cradle it. Bags can be slit opened with a knife in a crowd, and you will never know it happened. Pickpockets will do just that, and your stuff will be on the ground and gone. Remember pickpockets usually travel in teams – once marked, they will follow you until they get what they want.

How to Be a Good Traveler - Tourist Rules

How to Be a Good Traveler – Blue Skies Ahead

How to Be a Good Traveler - Tourist Rules

Part Two -Tourism Rules

  1. Be positive.
  2. Measure twice, cut once. Go around the round-about twice – turn once. My travel advice is to check-in and check-out only once. Always check your bill before leaving to ensure it’s correct.
  3. “Keep your eye on the Doughnut and not on the hole.” Focus on the good, focus on what you have, focus on what is working and don’t focus on what isn’t working or possible.
  4. All travel has highs and lows, how you deal with stress determines if you choose to remember the good or the bad. It boils down to this: are you a positive or negative person. People don’t stress you out; you control stress. If you are stressed out, you are not dealing with the situation. Stress happens – remember you determine your anxiety, not other people.
  5. Don’t be a shamer and blamer.
  6. Information about the sights is always welcome.
  7. Giving uninvited feedback doesn’t work when traveling. When a person is tired, is jet-lagged, and has no long-term commitment to you, your feedback is unwelcome. It might make you feel better because you are fixing the other person. It’s uninvited and unkind. Think before you offer personal feedback.
  8. If solicited and giving advice, give it gently.
  9. Just because you speak in a monotone doesn’t mean you are kind. The most passive-aggressive feedback is given in a monotone. You are screaming at the other person when you are passive-aggressive.
  10. Providing Support: to be supportive, empathize, validate, and stick to the issue by offering a positive solution.

How to Be a Good Traveler is easy. Follow these tips, and you are sure to have a great time on your adventure and journey.

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