Best Female Packing List for Iceland Solo Vacation in December

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Packing Tips – Iceland in December

Want to know what is in my bag on my trip to Iceland? My best Packing Tips – Iceland in December are all Based on color – I lay out my clothes in groups using, one color per trip, so all the items go together and can mix and match. Next, I use eBags and group by types of clothing. It is a very easy way to travel and find your clothes when you need them.

First – The cover picture is stage one of my packing 

Secondly – The photo below is right before I put things in my bag.

As you can see, there is a process that makes everything fit, and everything fits in its place.

Packing Tips - Iceland in December

My Luggage

In My Carry-On

My carry-on these days is photography stuff – Canon Powershot – old but I love it, my bags compartments have separators for camera lenses and gear. It also has an upper section in which to pack other things, like my Kindle and purse.

In My Bag

Angie Planning Her Next Trip

Agnie-Planning Her Next trip

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