Learn the Ugly Truth about Warsaw Tours and What I learned about Poland

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The Truth About Warsaw Tours

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Ugly facts come to life after visiting Warsaw. All I can say is, throughout the centuries, a lot of ugly things happened in Warsaw, Poland. As a solo traveler, tourist, a traveler 50 plus, or for that matter, a millennial going to Warsaw, Poland on vacation faces challenges that unnerve a person. What unnerves a visitor is what you learn on the Warsaw tours. The ugly truth is Warsaw tours and the sightseeing spots tell the truth about Warsaw, the Jewish Ghetto, Polish history of repression, destruction during WWII, and eventually, the Polish resistance.

Ugly Truth About Warsaw Tours

Warsaw tours present a tough subject matter for the vacation traveler. I chose to go to Auschwitz, but I knew what I was in for, and I didn’t spend the night there.

In Warsaw, to see where and learn how Nazi’s lined up Polish people on the street, killed them on the spot, and did it over and over again, is an ugly truth. It exposes a raw nerve in all of us.

warsaw tours, warsaw jewish ghetto, ugly truth,

The Ugly truth, Warsaw Tours, have to show the Warsaw Jewish Ghetto

Warsaw Jewish Ghetto

It’s tough to see how Jews were forced to live in the Warsaw Jewish Ghetto. Next, it’s hard to comprehend how the Polish people’s government allied with the Nazi’s. How could they? In hindsight, I think they believed it was the only way they could survive. Then, the communist’s came to Poland and further repress the Polish people.

It is just the ugly truth that you learn while visiting Warsaw.

warsaw tours, warsaw jewish ghetto, ugly truth,

Memorial to the Warsaw Jews who lived in the Warsaw Jewish Ghetto

Vienna, Austria in Comparison

When I went to Vienna, Austria, I learned how the Hapsburgs helped all the people they governed. I learn how the Royal Family learned the language of their subjects. The Hapsburg’s spent their great wealth making every part of their kingdom better. Sovereigns with a heart, they loved the people and took care of them.

Vienna is inspiring and uplifting. And then add, a dash of classical music, which is everywhere in Vienna, and it is heavenly. Warsaw, Poland is depressing in comparison. The subject covered on all the Warsaw tours is the depressing, ugly truth. It inspired hope, love, and gratitude for all of humanity. It had its share of WWII and cruelty to the Jews, but, it had other aspects that offset the ugly parts of the Vienna tours.

Watch this video and see how Vienna endured Nazi’s horrific austerities. How did Nazi Austria come to be involved in WWII?  There is a Jewish Ghetto in Vienna. There are also Memorials to the Holocaust in Vienna, Austria. The Vienna walking tours are worth taking. Here is a Map of the top Jewish sights, and talking Tours in Vienna. My Vienna Itinerary can help if you travel there.

I am not saying don’t go, but, consider how long to stay in Warsaw.

warsaw tours, warsaw jewish ghetto,ugly truth,

St Stephen’s Vienna, Austria, filled with worship, praise, prayer, and remembrance

Ugly Truth

Let me show you some of the things that were ugly to me and why I felt depressed after visiting and taking Warsaw Tours.

It started by arriving and seeing barricades along, the street in front of my hotel. It was a horrible hotel. Entering, seeing obstacles, and roadblocks didn’t make the experience any better.

warsaw tours, warsaw jewish ghetto, ugly truth,

Castle Inn is a terrible hotel

warsaw tours, warsaw jewish ghetto, ugly truth,

See the metal barricades and the security police in yellow vests. This doesn’t leave one with confidence as the night falls.

Warsaw Zoo

Taking a little time away from tours, I went to the Warsaw Zoo. Now – the Nazi’s were there too. The confiscated the Zoo for their purposes. But, it is one of the oldest, continuously run Zoos in the world.

But, that turned out to be sad too. It was depressing to see the cages and conditions of the animals.

warsaw tours, warsaw jewish ghetto, ugly truth,

It looked like the Zoo hadn’t been updated in a long time. For me, it seemed mean to the animals. But, how people treat animals, children and women, teach a lot about the cultural and social norms.ugly truth, warsaw tours,

I can’t tell you why the zoo had such an effect on me and it doesn’t make me happy to share my sadness after going to a Zoo. Honestly, I felt miserable.

ugly truth, warsaw tours


I am not putting Warsaw down. There is an excellent number of reasons for going to Warsaw and taking the tours. I just think I overstayed my welcome!

By the way, I took every walking tour I could take. I took the Communist Tour, the original Old Town Tour that explained the original UNESCO city. I took the Jewish Ghetto Tour and learned a tremendous amount about WWII history and how the Jews came to Poland. By the time, I went to Polin, the best historical museum, I have been, I was and still am overwhelmed by what Poland has gone through.  It wasn’t all bad, I just wish I could see some good news, hope, and positive future.

With the deepest gratitude, I am thankful I went and experienced Warsaw.

Travel Advice: I believe 4-5 days is too long to stay there.

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