All about the Warsaw Zoo and Why to Visit the Historic Zoo

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All About the Warsaw Zoo

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The Warsaw Zoo was recently in U.S. news because of the movie, The Zoo Keepers Wife. I had to go because I saw the film and it moved me, that the Zookeepers were such ‘animal people.’ Unfortunately, the Warsaw Zoo made me very sad.

Let me show you what I saw and tell me what you think?

What About the Warsaw Zoo

On the day I went very few people were there. Most of the people I saw were at the entrance buying tickets. Occasionally, I saw people while I strolled through the zoo, but very few.

In essence, I was the only person there on the day I went.

All About the Warsaw Zoo

The zoo was the best zoo in Poland and in Europe. The Nazi’s wanted the best of everything. The animals here were the best, so they took over the zoo and confiscated it with the rest of the country. Now, if you look up the best Zoos in Europe, Warsaw doesn’t make the list.

I feel zoos have a purpose and offer excellent educational value. In the end, they may even ensure the survival of some species. Just my opinion. Let me know how you feel.

All About the Warsaw Zoo

The Warsaw Zoo Animals

I found directions, but the directions didn’t help because I don’t speak Polish.

All About the Warsaw Zoo

Walking around I stumbled on new empty cages. The zoo was missing animals.

All About the Warsaw Zoo

I wasn’t in a hurry, taking my time exploring and searching for the animals. It was a cold morning without wind, smelling fresh from the recent rain. The animals must have been sleeping. No one was around.

All About the Warsaw Zoo

Look Who I Found

It was a little fellow sleeping, and he looked right at me. I felt sad, as I looked back at him and noticed his small toys, just like a child’s bedroom. It didn’t seem very inviting, but, he/she had a blanket, and it smelt clean. I walked on to the end of the ramp.

Another great ape and he/she was cuddling another Gorilla. Then he/she jumped up and startled me. It was just these new friends of mine and me. We hung out for a while. I talked to them, not that that mattered to them, but, I had a good time.

All About the Warsaw Zoo

More Animals

Onward to the rest of the other creatures at the zoo. There was a little horse outside, he and his friend were hanging out in this paddock.

All About the Warsaw Zoo


All About the Warsaw Zoo

I started feeling a little sad. The Seattle Zoo aka the Woodland Park Zoo recently gave the Seattle elephants away because of the living conditions. These conditions were much worse than the conditions at our zoo.

All About the Warsaw Zoo

All About the Warsaw Zoo


This exhibit was the saddest exhibit. The Rhinos hung out next to each other. The Rhinos lifted their heads and tried to touch the other Rhino. They were both doing it. Were they acting lonely? They stood on their side of the fence, stretched, reached out to the other one, moving their heads back and forth, in neurotic sway.

All About the Warsaw Zoo

The Birds

These little guys stood at attention as soon as they saw me. Maybe they were doing a bird show for me. To me, the animals acted like they wanted to perform. But, there was no audience. Just me.

All About the Warsaw Zoo

Time to Leave

What do you think? I felt depressed after I visited the Warsaw Zoo.

All About the Warsaw Zoo

Stroll Seattle’s Japanese Garden

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  1. Jim Allen

    December 12, 2018 at 8:05 am

    I don’t think zoos should exist—animals should be free. Maybe an enterprising attorney can intervene and get the animals’ ‘feet back in the street. These animals are serving time for crimes they didn’t commit.

    Thought provoking article as always, Kate. Love the crisp photography.


    • Kate

      December 18, 2018 at 4:10 pm

      a lot of animals wouldn’t be here without Zoo research. The thing about the Warsaw Zoo is it’s very old dating back to WWII in some areas. It’s now being modernized.

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