2017 Best University of Washington Cherry Blossoms Photographs

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Visit University of Washington Cherry Blossoms

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As a rite of spring, lots of people in Seattle try to make a trip to the University of Washington for a visit to the Commons to see the spring Cherry Blossoms. But, because it is such a ritual, incredibly crowds fill the courtyard, even when it’s a rainy day. I went on a rainy day to avoid the crowds. Well, that didn’t work. Still, crowds filled the area as soon as the sun rose. I went five different times this year, hoping to avoid the crowds. But even the rain didn’t deter the visitors. Only one day was sunny. But, having said all that, visit University of Washington Cherry Blossoms, it’s worth your time regardless of the weather and crowds. Be daring, hike around the campus to see all the beautiful flower plants.

See University of Washington Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms

Brief Background about the University of Washington

The University of Washington also known simply as UW or informally U-Dub is a public flagship research university in Seattle, Washington, United States. Wikipedia
As you can see in the photo, the campus embraces diverse, multiculturalism, and accepts everyone and welcomes all people. Seattle because of the UW and all the multinational companies embraces diversity. I saw a rally and march on one of the days. If there is a crowd there will be a protest march at the university.
Address: Seattle, WA 98105
Acceptance rate: 45% (2016)
Total enrollment: 46,081 (2016)
Undergraduate tuition and fees: In-state tuition: 10,753 USD (2016), Out-of-state tuition: 34,791 USD (2016)
Mascot: Harry the Husky, Dubs
Colors: Purple, Gold


Cherry Blossoms

My Favorite Photos from University of Washington Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms, University of Washington Cherry Blossoms

This tree was a favorite of mine because you can see how it is oozing life.


Cherry Blossoms,

At University of Washington Cherry Blossoms here is a close up of a cherry blossom emerging from the bark and moss of the tree.


Cherry Blossoms

University of Washington Cherry Blossoms come in all shapes and sizes. Here is a single flower cluster. This cherry tree is as remarkable and unique as each of the many trees in bloom

Don’t sit in the Trees at the University of Washington Cherry Blossoms Festival

Now sometimes, you will read, and see signs that say, DO NOT SIT IN THE TREES. But every day that I was there, I found someone in the trees. Luckily, the tree sitters were children. This little girl seemed to be enjoying herself. It also turns out to be one of this year’s favorite photos. I felt like she shows the emotion and wonder of spring and new life blossoming.

Cherry Blossoms

The Heart Tree

This Photo is also a favorite – it’s my favorite because I was photographing the happy woman snapped a picture of the tree, but missed that the tree forms a heart until I got home and looked at the photo. Make sure you look up and down when you are photography. Especially be aware when you are shooting something as complicated as the Commons. You might miss the real shot. I think this heart tree, catches the mood at the Commons. Isn’t a heart the best way to express the love we all have for this University of Washington Cherry Blossoms?

Isn’t a heart the best way to express the love we all have for this University of Washington Cherry Blossoms?

Cherry Blossoms

Travel tip: Travel local and practice before you travel far from home.

Travel tip: I enjoyed trekking and hiking at the UW. Try any of these top 50 USA Long Distance Hikes.

If you are from Seattle, hike around Seattle’s great locations during spring. Hopefully, you will get out and hike local places in your community. Enjoy your local spring colors as if you were a tourist. But, if you come to Seattle in April, be sure to see the Cherry Blossom on the Commons at the University of Washington!

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