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Electronics – Travelers Packing List

Electronics Packing List is my latest list, developed over the last seven years. I always need to bring the right adapter for the country you are traveling to; sometimes the hotel has an extra but, don’t count on it when it comes to your electrical equipment. My suggestion is to keep a list of the items you don’t use. Remove those items after a trip. This way, carry only what you need, lighten your load as much as possible. Electronic can end up weighing a lot.

Electronics – Travelers Packing List

Bring a Travel Adapter- Here is my favorite.

  1. Barrow a hairdryer from your hotel
  2. Bring a straightener or flat iron you trust
  3. Plug your computer into an adapter with a surge protector

Electronics are Enormously Important.

Travel Electronics, Electronics - Travelers Packing List

Latest Stuff

My latest electronics list for solo women. Travelers tips and regular updates are posted here. Check back often.

Bring a Kindle and make a book club with a family member so you always feel connected and can share a reading list with them.

Travel Electronics, Electronics - Travelers Packing List

Carry a Spare

Carry a spare cell phone and sim card for your US plan – keep an extra battery on your cell phone with you.

My favorite Windows and Android Cell Phone – I carry spares.

cell phones, Electronics - Travelers Packing List

Know How to Do These Things

  1. Know how to cancel your phone service in case it gets stolen
  2. Have an international calling plan
  3. Is your phone unlocked – check with your service provider and get it unlocked.
  4. An unlocked cell allows you to use a local sim from the destination country.
  5. Also, some cell phones now offer the ability to have two sim cards in one mobile.
    1. Blue is a manufacture of cell phones; they provide some models that can support two sim cards.

Favorite earbuds

earbuds, Electronics - Travelers Packing List