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Paranormal Travel Tips and How to Plan a Trip

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Experience the unexpected, through paranormal travel see the layers of time. I see entities in historic locations and get a tingle down my spine when I feel a presence. The joy of Paranormal Travel is one of my greatest pleasure because it is Where Time Marches On.

Traveling in Europe, seeing the layers of time, feeling thousands of years of history is a thrill beyond compare to me. My work with foreign clients, who ask me to speak in Europe and Asia takes me to where time marches on.  They want to know what is not knowable to them as people without psychic abilities.  As a single individual, I take my trips alone. I will take bus tours or river cruises, but I will still travel on my own.  I also plan my travel itinerary without a tour group and including driving on the left side of the road.

Paranormal Travel See The Layers of Time

Going alone has some benefits. It is easier to meet people. You don’t have to accommodate anyone else’s needs! There are times when a guided tour restricts my encounters. There is always time to be on your own in many locations.With a tour group, you are guided to the safe areas. Finding safe areas is even more important when traveling alone in areas that are less secure than Western Europe.

Paranormal Travel

Sligo, Ireland

What Is a Paranormal Traveler and Paranormal Sites?

I am a psychic with a variety of skills. When traveling, I explore the world of the past, both physically and with my psychic eye. I am a Paranormal traveler. I have psychic experiences when I travel. When I go, I meet more people, both living and passed. I call them friends. The locations where I have these experiences while traveling are called Paranormal sites.

When I travel, I see different layers of time in a single location.  I hear stories about the being from these various periods of history.  Going to places with so much history is wonderful and seems to strengthen my abilities to connect with times past and people. It is a psychic explosion!

Paranormal Travel – Sligo, Ireland

River in Sligo, Paranormal Travel

Paranormal Experience – The Entities of Sligo

Cromwell’s troops are marching down the street.  There is a flash to Jacobite soldiers.” I knew I was having a time vision. Was this real? Did this happen in history? I was walking down the narrow street, in the picturesque small Irish town of Sligo, Ireland, when I suddenly had the image. I didn’t know if either had historically been in the village during the wars they fought. Later research verified that what I saw was historically correct. I also saw Sligo Vikings and 19th-century fishmongers at Sligo. All of them roamed these narrow streets of Sligo, Ireland and stood right where I stood. They were images. They did not communicate  but gave me glimpses of their stories. Some entities exist more like a static image than an active, interactive person. They don’t tell me things directly, but show me bits of their lives as if they were showing me a photograph.

Roundheads, Jacobites, Fish monger, Paranormal Travel

Paranormal Travel

This lovely town of Sligo, Ireland is the home of W.B. Yates’ mother. Yates spent his holidays in Sligo. He wrote many poems dedicated to his mother. She was his emotional inspiration. The photo below is the corner where I saw history unraveling and reliving itself.

Shop Roundheads, Jacobites, spotted, Paranormal Travel

Layers of Time Through Paranormal Travel

As I traveled throughout Sligo, Ireland glimpses of village life from the Iron Age were presenting to me. Then images of life during the Victorian Era is followed by a mid-level religious procession.  It is important to have a historical perspective of the place you’ll visit.  Being aware of their historical past will enhance and enrich the psychic travel experience.  I saw slices of time at Sligo. It is one single location with a rich historical past. There are so many layers of history and energies in one area. I might see other things on different visits to Sligo, Ireland. Every time I visit a location the experience is always unique.

Sligo Street,Paranormal Travel, Paranormal Travel

What Is a Paranormal Travel Experience?

Haunted locations present a different opportunity. I build more intimate relationships with the entities in haunted locations. I don’t judge, criticize or condemn them. I don’t tell them what to do. I listen, and if they want, I tell their stories. Or, I keep their confidences if that is what they want. I always treat the entities with respect, no matter who they were or what they did in life.

As a result, I have yet to have any entities not treat me with respect. I get along with all of them and build a positive relationship. Travel helps me build relationships with the people in the villages and those from the past.

Advice: When traveling I show respect to everyone, present and passed.  Be a good traveler – travel respectfully.

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William Becker is a solo traveler. He lives in Portland Oregon. He is a psychic medium, teaches psychic development, gives readings and mentors people looking to explore the broader world. He has a bachelor's degree in history and a master's in Public Administration. He loves food from all over the world, but Boeuf Bourguignon.

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