Best Female Travel Packing List for Easy Solo Female Travel

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Packing List Exposed

People always ask me how I pack. My Packing List Expose is now here. This is Best Female Travel Packing List for Easy Solo Female Travel. I pack for my trips like this every time I go somewhere. Yes, this is my packing list laid out in my bedroom. This is my packing list exposed.

“How do you get everything in your bag?”

My Packing List Exposed

I lay it out on the floor. Next, I pick a color for the trip plus black and white, so everything goes with every piece. My space is limited because I use a 21-inch bag for a three-month trip or a one week trip.

My Pile of Clothes Looks Like a Mess!

First, I lay out my sunscreen and lotions. I put them in plastic baggies. I don’t wear any makeup other than these items and mascara.

My packing exposed.
Packing List Exposed

Packing List Exposed

Next, I lay out my clothes like this. See how messy my packing is? Yes, it is my packing process, this is from a summer time trip to Turkey.

Packing list, My packing exposed.

Packing List Exposed, My Quirk

A glass jar holds my left over foreign money and stores my foreign currency and bills. I figure if I have left over bills, I will go back to that country some day. When I hope to return to a country, I keep a bill, as a keepsake. My money glass sites with my drinking glasses, reminding me to travel more. It looks like this. I save my leftover money from my trips, so I am always ready for my return trip.

Packing List Exposed,

Packing List Exposed

Always exchange money in the country and not at the airport. A local store or your hotel will give you a better rate than those places at the airport. My suggestion is to keep separate wallets for currencies. One currency in each wallet. Don’t forget, keep my leftover money in a glass. It is a sentimental habit. By the way, I have been to a few places I don’t want to go back to, but not very many. I didn’t save that currency.

Flip flops for the Showers

flip flops, My packing exposed.

No matter where you are going, you will need flip flops for the showers.

My packing mess includes a pile of my camera and electronic gear. I start with a standard list.

My carry-on bag is pretty standard and rarely changes, everything, goes in a place, and everything has a place. That way, when I am tired, I won’t lose anything.

You will need a Travel Medical Supply Checklist – try mine and take it to your doctor for review.

Pack this into the carry-on with your Pink Kindle like mine.

You can find my complete list for more details here.

Packing List Exposed

Here is how my Kipling Luggage – my bag looks completely lonely and empty before I start packing.

Packing List Exposed, Kipling Luggage

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