Mount Vernon House - Things To Do in Mount Vernon, VA

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Mount Vernon

Mount Vernon, Virginia – Sightseeing

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My visit to the east coast of the US included a trip to Mount Vernon Virginia – sightseeing. The location is one of the most iconic destinations in America. Since today is election day, it seemed fitting to look at our first president’s home, a National Historic Park, and a monument to our shared roots. The location is gorgeous because it preserves the early American view. Many thanks to the women of the Mount Vernon historical society who do an impressive job paying for and maintaining the mansion to its original standards without taxpayer dollars.

Mount Vernon Virginia – Sightseeing Outside – Skip the House

Most Memorable Views

Traveling to see Mount Vernon Virginia Sightseeing is some of the best historical sites in Virginia. But in the summer expect hoards of people and tourists. Even though you can go inside Washington’s home, the crowds and the inability to take photos made that part less than fun. Unfortunately, I hardly think it’s worth visiting in the summer. Off season was a much better experience. To me, the most memorable parts of the grounds are on the outside of the home, the landscape, the gardens, and the views. A brief biography of Thomas Jefferson helps to understand his significance.

The Good and Bad

When I went my daughter and her new baby joined me. We had to pay attention to the heat and his tolerance. This historic location can wear out the patience of a saint, let alone someone like me who hates lines. I couldn’t take it, I left the line without going inside. I hated the lines.

The grounds are fabulous – go to see the grounds and the new Slavery Exhibit. Washington freed his slaves at his death. His life was intertwined with his slaves, he valued them and the exhibit marvelously illustrates their relationship.

The Mount Vernon Gardens

Mount Vernon Virginia

Mount Vernon Virginia

Mount Vernon Virginia

The Mount Vernon greenhouse

Mount Vernon Virginia

How the early American’s at Mount Vernon heated the greenhouse

The piazza (the colonial porch) is one of George Washington’s contributions to Virginian colonial architecture.

Mount Vernon Virginia

Mount Vernon Virginia

Mount Vernon Virginia

The Potomac River

Mount Vernon Virginia

The View from the Piazza

The Lower Gardens

Mount Vernon Virginia

Looking Back

When I look back on my trip, I am very happy I went even though I have been here many times before. There is something about the location and the history.  As an American, the little bench on the way out is one of my favorite spots because it feels reflective – and connects me to my past.

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