Manhole Covers Traveling Around the World, the Peoples' Art Form

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Manhole Covers From Around the World

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Lots of people photography doors and windows when they are traveling. Some people photography sun rises and sunsets. I do too. However, one of my favorite thing to photograph is Manhole Covers From Around the World, they seem like peoples’ art form. Looked up and down to find the most interesting subject matter to photograph when traveling.

The sewer covers and utility covers found on the streets and sidewalks make really interesting artistic cultural icons. Some people go to very unusual places around the world. I go to traditional travel places and look for the unusual.

Special – Manhole Covers From Around the World

This bit of travel advice is for photographers, people who like graffiti and weird things found when traveling. If I haven’t photographed my feet in everybody of water, try it. My next favorite subject is Manholes.

I started looking around on Google and found I am not alone, other people like manhole covers. Here is a site that has art around the world in 30 days, but, my manhole covers didn’t make the cut. I could be in on the ground floor of my new topic and hashtag.

World Manhole Covers

Manhole Covers From Around the World – Istanbul

This is where it all started – my obsession with manhole covers as an art form. I looked down on the street in Sultanahmet, Istanbul and saw this beautiful, manhole cover. Honestly, I guess it’s a bit strange to photography the street but it is interesting what I see on the streets, traveling around the world. Therefore, when I look down, I find some interesting things. I found this Istanbul bronze manhole covers and it seems to me that it is one of those artistic people’s art forms reflecting the culture and taste of the people.

Istanbul manhole cover, Manhole covers around the world

Istanbul manhole cover

Manhole Factoids

Manhole covers are sometimes concrete, metal, glass, plastic and composite materials.

Why are they round?

There are a few reasons. The first reason why manhole covers are round is that they universally fit the hole. The second reason is round covers are easily locked with a half turn. France locks its covers.

Where did they come from?

Manhole covers date back to Roman times. I remember seeing them at Efes, a UNESCO sites. I became even more interested when I saw notes in the street pavers showing the route to the brothels in the streets of ancient Ephesus, Turkey.

Weird but True

Here is an interesting factoid. Even though a manhole covers weighs a lot and is cumbersomeness, manhole covers are stolen for scrap metal resale as metal prices rise. Manhole covers are one of my favorite things to photograph. I think it’s worth considering manhole covers as a subject matter for photographers.


Manhole covers around the world, manhole


Manhole covers around the world, manhole cover USA


Tel Aviv Israel manhole covers

Tel Aviv Israel manhole covers

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