Travel Tips - Best Travel Luggage

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Updated – August 2016 – I highly recommend these Kipling brand pieces because they last and that’s valuable. Everything is still working, and no bags have broken. Although my Kipling roller isn’t checked, because the last trip was hard on it. – I Love my bags.

When I travel, I take one carry-on and one roller carry-on bag. Two Bags total is the most I bring for a week or 90 days. Typically my luggage weights less 20 kilos combined. I don’t go longer than 90 days because of Visa don’t allow staying longer and personal requirements.

Best Luggage for Solo Women Travelers

I use Kipling for my flexible Bag and my carry on. I use a 21-inch roller bag for my constructed bag. All my trips have been made up to three months in these small bags. I buy mine on Amazon.

Flexible, Lightweight, Rugged Luggage.

The photo was taken on September 2015 – the bag is holding up very well after an African Safari, a long trip to Australia and three years of travel.

Bought in Lebanon!

I have bought these bags in the USA and Lebanon.


You can find them at discount stores also like Marshall’s and Ross.

Packing list, Luggage

Carry-On –

Yes, my cat thinks she knows when I am traveling because the bags come out. She plays with them whenever they are brought out.

Luggage, Angie thinks I am leaving

One Bag for 90 Days

You can see in the slide show, that my bag is full leaving Turkey. I always give away the clothes I used. In the photo, I took it because that is the most I have ever put into my bag. I  don’t want to the stuff my luggage, or you will find your things everywhere, and the luggage will break if you over stuff your bag. I don’t normally have a bag this stuffed because it’s a great way to have it rip apart.

In my carry-on

Luggage, laying out my carryon

I keep my camera gear, my electronic stuff, and my medicines – Tylenol and things like the for the flight anything I can’t afford to lose.


  1. Kindle
  2. Ear plugs sound canceling noise filter ones
  3. Toothbrush and toothpaste – eye mask for sleep

Luggage Organizers

I use e-bags packing cubes – if you’re a phone person here is the number 1-800.820.6126


If I am traveling to several countries and using multiple currencies, I keep my coins in different wallets, so I don’t get my Euros confused with my Lira for example.

Transportation Passes for London and Istanbul


I use a flexible bag – Longchamp, you can get them at the airport in duty-free and save some money. I keep my purse in my carry on.

Camera Bag

I keep my camera in my carry-on bag in a protected camera case, and the extra camera gear is always carried and never rolled across the airport.


I don’t want my camera damaged. I use my cell phone, a point and shoot backup camera and a Nikon D300


Do keep a small flattened backpack in my carry on so if I want to go for a hike or on a photo-shoot I can. The brand I use is Eagle Creek.

I use my backpack for my camera that is in a case.

From the discount site. I included the discount link, but you can also go to the Eagle Creek official site.


How it looks when I start to pack my carry-on.

Love e-bags, I don’t know what I did without them, e-bag brochure doesn’t come with me. E-bags keep everything organized.