Exclusive Tips - Where to Eat and Drink in Key West, Florida

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Where to Eat and Drink in Key West

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Want to know where to eat and drink in Key West, Florida? A dear friend recently stationed in Key West while serving in the Coast Guard entertained lots of his friends while he was there. Key West is a party town and his exclusive list of where to eat and drink is perfect for all types of tastes. Key West bars, restaurants, and dives for foodies, solo travelers, tourists, and couples on romantic holidays are sure to please.

Where to Eat and Drink in Key West, Florida

I am not a big drinker, or late night partier, especially while I am traveling and writing. One of the negatives about being a travel writer is every morning starts early for me. My travel begins early because I like the morning light for photos, I am not complaining. Staying out late and drinking makes me feel terrible the next morning. Therefore, it’s not something I usually do.

Additionally, whether you are a man or a woman, in some locations it can be unsafe for a solo traveler. Key West is a party town and it feels safe. Here are the hot spots, dining, drives, and bars to check out.

where to drink and eat in Key West

Favorite Key West, Florida Happy Hour Spots

This is not a paid ad. These are our personal recommendations from our ‘secret insider’ and ‘trusted insider resource’ – providing the best places to drink and eat at restaurants in Key West, Florida.

  • The Commodore’s Boathouse Bar And Grill or Boathouse – 4 to 6 pm. Half off all appetizers and drinks. Excellent spot right on the water with boats but relatively small and fills up easy so try to get there around four if you go. All Apps are great, good shrimp and Calamari but must get the boathouse bread. Probably my favorite bread I’ve ever had.
  • Alonzo’s Oyster Bar  4 to 6 pm. Right next to boathouse. I would go to boathouse first and if there is any time left in the 4 to 6 window then head to Alonzo’s. Big menu of half off appetizers and drinks are also half off. Service can be Iffy though.
  • Conch Republic – 4 – 630 pm. Right next to Boathouse so as soon as their happy hour is over just head right there. Also is on the water. Half off drinks. Great Parmesan Cheese Oysters.
  • Lazy Gheko – Happy Hour goes 4 to 8 pm. Half off all drinks. This is my favorite hangout spot. Never gets too crowded and always live music. The only downfall is it’s a Boston bar… Tim and Drew usually come on to play around 8. Drew is an unbelievable guitar player. Highly recommend Boathouse and Gheko.

Late Night Spots/Key West Bars to Crawl

  • Irish Kevin’s– Awesome Irish bar down there. One of the most popular places on the island. A lot of the singers are also doing a semi-comedy skit while they are singing songs so you will have a lot of good laughs and great sing-alongs. Very vulgar up on the stage. There is an upstairs bar in the back that a lot of people don’t try and go to. Helps out a lot if it is crowded.
  • Durty Harry’s– Don’t get Rick’s and Durty Harry’s confused. Durty Harry’s in on ground level and is to the back left of Rick’s. One of my favorite spots down there. Go there if the “Durtbags” is playing. They play all 90’s music and kill it.
  • Sloppy Joe’s– Another excellent tourist bar that has incredible live music. Have to go here at some point. If you do go late at night, ask for the bartenders Jessica or Heather and tell them you know “Coast Guard Kevin” or “Hot guy in the red shirt.” It will probably get you a free drink or two.. worth a shot
  • Captain Tony’s/Hog’s Breath/Willie T’s/ Green Parrot– These are all of the Dive bars’ in Key west worthy of trying to hit within your short time there.
  • Dante’s Pool Bar –  Great spot for day drinking, hanging out in the sun by the pool.  They have beer pong tables in the pool. Saturday is your best bet for that.

Key West Restaurants

Lunch Spots

  • Bien Caribbean-Latino Restaurant – Have to go here and get “The Press.” It’s a variation of a Cuban sandwich and is unbelievable. Everything they have is perfect. Definitely can’t go wrong at all!
  • Garbo’s Grill – One of the highest rated places on the island, and it’s just a food truck. Delicious fish tacos and burgers. Right off Duval Street.
  • Coles Peace – Right near Bien. It is a local bakery and sandwich shop. Make some delicious sandwiches. Highly recommend the Cobba- Lotta or Ham and Smokey Cheese

Dinner Spots

  • Hogfish – The best food and biggest hole in the wall spot for dinner in Key West. It is about a 2-mile drive off the island. It will look like you are taking a cab back to a trailer park, but you have to do it. Open doors and windows at the restaurant. Everything on their menu is excellent. Hogfish is an absolute must one of the nights. I’m a huge fan of their Stuffed hogfish with crabmeat stuffing. They also do some great seafood specials every night.
  • Latitude’s – If you want to do it up big. This will need a reservation probably a couple of days early. You take a ferry out to a restaurant on Sunset Key Island. Great dinner spot. The average meal is about $40 but delicious food.
  • Gas Monkey – Right on Duval street. Excellent pulled pork and burgers. It’s a chain that started in Texas from the guy that runs the show Gas Monkey Garage. Only two of them in the country.

Brunch Spots

  • Key West Plaza Creperie – Easily my favorite brunch spot. Excellent pulled pork eggs benedict and multiple other eggs benedicts. Awesome Crepes. They have three different flavors of all you can drink mimosa’s for 12 dollars. I was a huge fan of those. It doesn’t look nice from the outside but is very lovely inside and small so try to get there early to avoid a wait.
  • Blue Heaven – Another excellent brunch spot but also the Tourist thing to do. Will be very good but also overpriced and probably will have a long wait. I think Creperie is better/cheaper and has less tourist attraction. Don’t confuse with La Creperie French Café.


Better Than Sex – Never actually been here because I’m not a big dessert person but everyone
raves about it and apparently a lot of people go just to say they have been to a restaurant called
Better than Sex.


Cuban Coffee Queen – Absolutely must go here at one point. The coffee is phenomenal. The most chill hole in the wall coffee shop down there and the breakfast sandwiches are great as well.

Fury Cat Boat – Commotion on the ocean- All around a great time. It is a booze cruise for 2 hours. Costs about $55 for all you can drink beer and wine and some finger foods. They go out before sunset and come back right after sunset. Also has a live band playing the whole time. One of my favorite things to do down there.

Prioritized Must Do List Our Recommendations

  • Boathouse
  • The Conch Republic
  • Gheko
  • Irish Kevins/Durty Harry’s/Sloppy Joe’s
  • Captain Tony’s/Willie T’s/Hogs breath/Green parrot
  • Bien
  • Garbo’s
  • Hogfish
  • Key West Plaza Creperie
  • Cuban Coffee Queen.

Key West Sights

Don’t forget to see the top ten sightseeing locations, while you are in Key West.

sights Key West

Great Hotels

Expensive – Sunset Key Cottages  They also have a Night Cruise to Cuba, Cuba curated Cruise for a day trip. You must stay at the hotel to take the cruise.

Key West – Experience Ernest Hemingway!

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  1. Paula Willett

    January 24, 2018 at 3:38 pm

    Best Pina Colada at Southernmost House Hotel Tiki Bar

    Another Best Pina Colada/Strawberry Daqueri right across the street at Southernmost Beach Cafe

    Salute had the most wonderful shrimp salad

    Louie’s Backyard has the best Key Lime pie

    • Kate

      January 24, 2018 at 3:43 pm

      Hi Paula, send more when ever you can!

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