Best Jewelry Shopping and Jewelry Market in Istanbul Turkey

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Visit the Jewelry Market in Istanbul

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This precious spot is one that most tourists don’t get to see. The Jewelry Market is where the artists and designers work. Located near the Grand Bazaar, the Jewelry market in Istanbul makes jewelry of gold, silver and precious stones by experienced artists. The jewelry was very lovely, but the old, authentic Ottoman building was even more impressive to me. This building was once an Ottoman hotel. Now, every inch of space is full of shops.

Near The Grand Bazaar is The Jewelry Market in Istanbul

These photos show an insiders’ view of Istanbul. These pictures are of some of the beautiful nooks and crannies that I saw when we went to the jewelry market. There is no entrance fee. The only cost is your time.

The modern-day jewelry han (market) of Istanbul

Jewelry Market in Istanbul

This is an old door at the entrance of the building. A mosque is near this entrance.

Jewelry Market in Istanbul

This doorway goes to a second floor, where the shops are located. We met one of the designers here. Two stories and old stone steps connect the levels of the building.

Jewelry Market in Istanbul
Hallway to the shops. Each door is a shop.
Photos of me are usually out of focus. I think that is a good thing. Here is how it looks from the second floor into the gallery below.

Jewelry Market in Istanbul

A silversmith’s shop.

Jewelry Market in Istanbul

Looking up from the street level, you can see the complicated building design.

Upon leaving, the stairway is rather steep.
Tall men or women could hit their heads on the arch.

Jewelry Market in Istanbul

We left through this green door. On the sides of the building are interesting streets.

Walking down the street outside the market.

Jewelry Market in Istanbul

The craftsmanship of the jewelry here is stunning. I recommend you take the time to find this ancient jewelry han or suk. I hope you will visit this area in Istanbul when you are there.

Travel tip: If you are shopping the Jewelry market in Istanbul make sure you take care and keep your package hidden, so it is not stolen, In you hotel make sure you use the hotel safe so your treasure makes it safely home with you.

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