Dead Sea, Israel the Best Solo Travel Destinations for Solo Women

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Dead Sea

One of Israel’s Best Sights – The Dead Sea

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No Swimming Allowed at the Dead Sea! Israel’s Dead Sea is below sea level. Even if you can’t swim, you won’t drown in the Dead Sea. In the Dead Sea, there is so much salt in the water it makes everyone float. One of Israel’s Best Sights the Dead Sea is the perfect place for a spa day and relaxing. But it is not a family friendly-day-at-the beach with water sports and people swimming with their children. The saltwater is so salty that everyone floats but hurts your eyes if the water gets into them. If you put your face in the water, your eyes will burn for days, and you may end up in the hospital. Israel’s Dead Sea is for floating only.

One of Israel’s Best Sights The Dead Sea

Driving early from Jerusalem to the Dead Sea because the roads in Israel close for Yom Kipper. I am going to a spa resort to relax, to see the best sights and hike at En Gedi, Masada, Qumran Israel. Remember, no swimming in the dead sea! Lounging and relaxing is required.

My Best Sights at The Dead Sea

I love UNESCO World Heritage Sites. All of my best sites at the Dead Sea are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

En Gedi – a great place to hike, swim and have a picnic. Historically this is believed to be where David went to flee from Saul

Masada, the fortress in the sky, is the old Jewish fortress against the Romans. Listed as United Nations World Heritage Site in 2001, Masada National Park

Qumran Caves – where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered by a Bedouin, shepherd boy. A museum is at the top with village remains.

Dead Sea  – the Dead Sea is believed to have healing and medicinal properties, Visit the spas or go directly into the water. This is the lowest point on earth. Driving down to the Dead Sea you  see excellent views. Stop at vantage points for picnics and take panoramic photos.

The views from every perspective, in my opinion, are the best sights at the Dead Sea.

Drive from Jerusalem to the Dead Sea – See Incredible Vistas

Best Sights Israel's Dead Sea by K Green, Israel's Best Sights the Dead Sea

Spectacular Desert Views

You can stop anywhere along the road. This isn’t a designated roadside stop but I stopped anyways to take this photo. then, I notice that I am the only car for miles and miles. My mind wonders what would happen if I broke down in this desert. I realize it takes a long time for someone to find me out here. Lucky for me, my mechanic in Haifa set my radio to some great radio stations.

My music is blasting. I’m coming to the bottom – 423 meters (1,388 ft) below sea level – making it Earth’s lowest point on land.

This is an extreme desert – with a vast body of water in front of me. On one side is Israel and the other is Jordan. I have been on both sides of the Dead Sea. From the Jordan side, it is an expansive view. When I was on the Jordan side, I saw Israel, Jericho and a spectacular view of the West Bank.

Best Sights Israel's Dead Sea by K Green, Israel's Best Sights the Dead Sea

Below Sea Level

On the Israel side, I park again to take more photos of the Dead Sea. My skin feels different. It feels different below sea level. Then I remember something I heard on the news. I heard that when astronauts return to earth, say their skin feels different. This must be a similar feeling.

Best Sights Israel's Dead Sea by K Green, Israel's Best Sights the Dead Sea

300 Feet to Go

I had 300 feet to go to reach the bottom, and I realize I see one of Israel’s most famous location, the Dead Sea. For me, when I see a famous place I get butterflies. I feel special to be here.

Best Sights Israel's Dead Sea by K Green, Israel's Best Sights the Dead Sea

Israel’s Best Sights the Dead Sea Offers Endless Views

The view is breathtaking driving down the road. I see dawn on the Dead Sea.

Best Sights Israel's Dead Sea by K Green, Israel's Best Sights the Dead Sea

From Dusk to Dawn, Israel’s Best Sights the Dead Sea

At Dusk, as the sun goes down, the water glistens differently because of the strong salt content.

This is the view of the hotel area that I stayed at called the Dead Sea Oasis.  The hotel is all inclusive, and I am glad of that because it is a day of fasting. No restaurants or convenience stores are open. I was given food at the appropriate times as allowed under Jewish custom. The staff and the head of guest services for the kitchen took mercy on me and sent me a half bottle of wine and a tray of hummus and fruit. So Muslim staff broke the rules for me and helped me get some extra food.

Daytime View of Dead Sea Resorts

Best Sights Israel's Dead Sea, Israel's Best Sights the Dead Sea

Yom Kipper

The only thing I did on Yom Kipper was I went for a walk and took this photo.

See, there are no cars on the road this Yom Kipper morning. Cars are never allowed on the road during Yom Kipper in Isreal because it’s forbidden.

The next day, I went to the beach and saw people in the water bobbing around. Don’t be afraid if you can’t swim. But, don’t put your face in the water. Swimming is out here. People float, bob around and walk in the Dead Sea.

Best Sights Israel's Dead Sea, Israel's Best Sights the Dead Sea,

Salt, Bath Salts and More Salt

There is a so much salt you can see it on the beach. The white crystals are Dead Sea salts.

Best Sights Israel's Dead Sea, Israel's Best Sights the Dead Sea

My Toes in the Water

I had to dunk my toes into the Dead Sea. There are a lot of sand flies at the beach on the Dead Sea, to the point I am uncomfortable. They bit. To escape the biting flies I jumped into the water. After a short dip and float, I got out. The salty water dries on my skin, leaving a residue of salt that I can feel and see. The salt is so thick I can brush off with my hand. However, my skin very soft and smooth but also kind of sticky because of the salty water.

Best Sights Israel's Dead Sea, Israel's Best Sights the Dead Sea

Israel’s Best Sights The Dead Sea

I hope you get to see Israel’s Best Sights The Dead Sea, I highly recommend it, it makes the ultimate and simplest spa day!

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