How to Vacation in Bucharest Romania from Istanbul Turkey

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Bucharest Romania from Istanbul Turkey

The trip from Istanbul Turkey to Romania is a simple trip to make with lots of available, inexpensive flights. It’s very easy to get to Bucharest Romania from Istanbul Turkey and back again. As long as you book six hours in advance, you can catch a flight. So you don’t need to do a lot of planning. The taxi to the downtown area is less than $20 US dollars from a cab at the airport. You don’t need a private car. You can also take a bus to the downtown area. If you arrive early, you can find people in the airport that can help you with transportation.

Bucharest Romania from Istanbul Turkey

  • Best for Hiking
  • Museums
  • Native villages
  • Castles
  • Breathtaking views

Romania, a place Americans can retire to and do. The dollar goes a long way here. It’s American friendly. Rents are inexpensive and the food – and the immense portions I have ever seen.

This is a super easy trip, very inexpensive, Bucharest Romania from Istanbul Turkey. Bucharest Romania from Istanbul Turkey is an east trip to a western European that is inexpensive Great landscapes, history, hiking for travelers 50 plus at every stage of life.

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