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Best Nighttime Sightseeing Washington DC

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My friend Terry and I went nighttime sightseeing in Washington, DC. We went at night to avoid the famous DC traffic jams and tourists. We both try to avoid both of these things whenever possible but, especially while I was visiting DC. So we left to go sightseeing I think around 9:00 PM to see some of the hot tourist spots.

We forgot to think about a few things such as allowed drop-off spots, police, and tickets.

Best Nighttime Sightseeing Washington DC

As we drove to some of our favorite locations, Terry pulled over so jump out to take some of my favorite locations and to get some night time shots. By the time we get to The Lincoln Memorial we are getting pretty good at parking with our flashing lights on then I jump out, take a quick shot or two. Then we are off to the next location.

Best Nighttime Sightseeing Washington DC

The Lincoln Memorial

At The Lincoln Memorial, another tourist asks if I want my picture taken. Of course, I do. So, I pose, and the people take one photo with my camera. And gratefully, they didn’t run off with my camera.

Best Nighttime Sightseeing Washington DC

My picture at The Lincoln Memorial with The Washington Monument in the background.

I walk back out to the curb where I was dropped off and Terry is gone.
MY FIRST THOUGHT – I must be lost.

Second, thought, the rapture has come and I have been left behind. DARN!

Third thought – she’ll be back, I hope soon.

Best Nighttime Sightseeing Washington DC

One of my favorite pictures because the tourists are holding hands and another is taking the picture.

Parking for Nighttime Sightseeing in Washington, DC

Terry must be parked somewhere else. So I run around looking for her. Knowing that I am directionally impaired, I thought I had misplaced the parking spot. Unfortunately, I didn’t bring my cell phone with me which added to the drama. Then I checked my pockets and I didn’t have ID either. After a short amount of time, about 15 minutes which felt like an hour, I slow down. Then I go back to where I thought I was dropped off.

Terry drives up in her black car just as I was about to leave and start retracing my steps. – she rolls the window down and says hop in to the car.  She said, “I had an interesting experience. A police officer asked me to keep moving.”

Oh, that’s why you weren’t here. I get it – you have to keep moving when they tell you to move it!

Terry said, “No, it got worse. I asked if I could stay because I dropped you off and you wouldn’t know how to get back. When I came back to get you, I got a $150 ticket!”

Oh No!

Best Nighttime Sightseeing Washington DC

The US Capital

Travel Tip – when you go to take nighttime photos in DC – pay for parking your car and walk. Paying for parking is cheaper than a parking ticket. It’s important to note that since 9/11, security is very tight in DC. If you aren’t careful, you can get arrested for parking in the wrong place. Be careful.

Second Travel Tip – always care your cell phone.

Here are a few shots. No tour but, the cost of one traffic ticket.

Best Nighttime Sightseeing Washington DC

Best Nighttime Sightseeing Washington DC

Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum

Best Nighttime Sightseeing Washington DC

Best Nighttime Sightseeing Washington DC

Best Nighttime Sightseeing Washington DC

Best Nighttime Sightseeing Washington DC

The World War II  Memorial

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