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Basic Travel planning is easy but can be time-consuming so I put together a group of travel planning resources where you can find helpful planning tips. My first recommendation is a good visitor and tourist is a welcome guest and if you are welcome you will have a wonderful experience. Secondly, don’t over planning but do understand where you are going, the culture and conduct expected for the location you are visiting. These travel planning sites will help you prepare for your trip.

Helpful Travel Planning Tips & Travel Resources

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Adorama Cameras, Video Equipment


First, I buy a travel insurance policy for the year. Sometimes I also buy one for a particular trip.Secondly, if I am going with someone else, I link the two travel policies. Thirdly, sometimes my travel partner can’t go. Therefore, I can’t control the circumstances and complexities around traveling with another person. Traveling with another person increases my need for a trip cancelation insurance policy. If I link our insurance accounts, I can get my money back.

If the trip or I cancel and I need a full refund. I can’t afford to lose my money. So, I buy travel insurance, without exception. Sometimes, for airplane tickets, I apply it to a future airlines tickets. Airlines allow canceling tickets, and using it towards a future flight; there terms such as less a rebooking fee and subject to any changes in airfare.

U.S. Department of State Smart Traveler

Always remember, to check The U.S. Department of State Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) is also very helpful for your safety. They provide travel alerts while you are traveling.

Your Property Insurance

Finally, most travel insurance policies won’t cover a lot of your gear, especially the pricey things, like a computer or camera. Ask your insurance agent for help to get your gear covered. Read the fine print.

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