Packing Lists Solo Female Travelers- Where in the World is Kate

Packing Lists for Female Travelers

This page is a planning tool with travel tips on packing for female travelers. Create your best packing list by country and seasons using these travel tips. Pay attention to your basic categories of belongings such as adapters, documents, tickets, clothes, backpack, and electronics.

Packing Lists

Tip 1. Pack then remove three items before you go. That’s ‘Kate’s Travel Rule’ which I use, and still I over pack.

Tip 2. Your packing list should include these simple items, clothing (one color plus black and white), accessories, toiletries, media equipment, power adapters, tickets, money, credit cards, and documentation.

The most important Packing Lists tip I can give you is to consider the country first, and the season when you are packing. Putting these two factors together for Packing Lists will help you. Think through what you will need. Then, look at the photos below.

Do’s and Dont’s for Packing lists

Never travel with your expensive jewelry or anything that you might miss if stolen.

Packing lists – don’t stuff your bag – give it away

Don’t be afraid to discard or give away unwanted clothes when you are on the road.

Mail a favorite item home if it becomes impractical to carry along. People in the country will know where to get the most appropriate clothes for your location. Ask for their advice if you find yourself uncomfortable in any way.

packing list

Trying to pack everything isn’t wise. Keep a current Packing Lists up-to-date.

Recommended locations by each month

NovemberVietnam November, beaches, Sa Pa, Hanoi, Ho Chi Ming City (Saigon)

DecemberIceland December Packing tips

Packing list details

  • First, read this blog
  • Planning means selecting good people to work with on your trip.
  • Keep a Packing Lists based on the country and season.
  • If you have great Packing Lists, we would love to post your ideas.

Packing Lists

Here are my Packing Lists Categories.

Are you ready to travel? How to plan

  1. Start by doing a generic search for cheap flights using one of these sites: Kayak,
  2. Fine-tune your search based on the price of tickets and your flexibility
  3. Make your first hotel room reservation
  4. You can decide on other hotels later
  5. Prioritize and compromise on the activities you plan
  6. Make a map with Google Maps
  7. Use your airline frequent flyer miles and other travel vendor membership programs
  8. Make a checklist — Plan where you want to go, what to see and whom to visit
  9. Check off your steps as you finish the plan for each part of the route
  10. Go to the doctor for shots
  11. Check to see if you need a Visa
  12. Your passport must not expire for minimum of six (6) months

The U.S. Department of State Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) is very helpful for your safety. They provide travel alerts while you are traveling.

How to travel for less

  1. Look for the best time and least-expensive flights
  2. Find the best accommodations for the best price in a safe neighborhood
  3. Planning ahead brings only exactly what you need
  4. Buy what you need before you go, but wait to buy what’s cheaper to get in the country

Helpful Travel Tips and Resources



Pulls every flight that exists from Momondo. It even includes random budget airlines, and it almost always has the lowest prices. Check here first.


Try the “Everywhere” destination option. It’s great to see where you can fly for cheap! Choose a country, i.e., fly to Spain. If you are flexible, you will find high prices. It pays to have flexible dates and be a flexible traveler.


Use this site begin your flight search, but they have removed some budget airlines from the search engine. Good deals are there. A good place to start your planning found at Kayak.

Which Budget

The site is great. It tells you exactly what budget airlines fly between destinations.

The Points Guy

The Points Guy tends to report deals before anyone else! Navigate free world travel through points, miles and current deals on this site.



Airbnb is only ok – it depends on the host. Some help other travelers. It’s good for staying in one place for a longer trip. The services let people offer their homes and apartments rentals. Usually, the listings are good quality and cheaper than a hotel in the same neighborhood. BONUS: The guest ratings are real. is my first choice. It’s not always the least expensive. But, I can track all my hotels from one place. It separates my business trips from personal travel — again all in one place. Therefore, I made my entire Vietnam trip through

Be careful with pricing — make sure taxes in the hotel rates. For example, when I went to Jordan, taxes were not t included, and the hotel was overly expensive.


Agoda is the best site for booking hotels in Asia. It has a good selection and lowest rates in the region. However, it is harder to track your hotels on this site. helps you earn a free stay for every ten nights you book with them. The bad news is that not all count for free stays. The value of the free stay is equal to the average of the nightly rate you spent for your ten nights.

Hostel World also offers guesthouses, B&Bs, and simple boutique hotels. In my opinion, this is the best ‘cheap accommodations’ site on the web.


Free accommodation and a community of travelers dedicated to connecting and sharing. Couchsurfing could help you stay for free around the world. It’s best to use Couchsurfing to find local community events and meet people in different cities.



This site provides information on trains and land travel around the world. You can navigate the entire route in some countries from Seat61, which is very helpful.


Booking a train can be tough and time-consuming. There are numerous different foreign sites in Europe. Rail Europe simplifies plan routes, lets you check times and helps you purchase your tickets.

Virgin Trains

A good site for the best resource for booking trains in the UK. No booking charge or booking fee to you.



AARP requires a membership and a fee. But, I like it for the health insurance and other benefits, even the social networking. I think everyone who qualifies should join. Use AARP for the travel agent services, maps, planning and competitive price quotes on hotels, airfare, and car rentals. AARP is also a great resource for car rentals.

Vacations To Go

Want to go on a cruise? Don’t book without checking Vacations To Go. The site requires a private membership site that anyone can join. It offers the best cruise prices, anywhere.

Costco Travel

Costco is great for travel packages and car rentals. You don’t need a deposit for car rentals (as of November 2015). Check to see if terms and conditions have changed.

Kayak Cars

I don’t rent cars anymore as I prefer local public or hired transportation. When I did, I used Euro Car. Do a search and get the best rate if you want to pre-pay. Start with a price comparison on to find the best deals. The rates are usually low, but I recommend that you shop around and check discount rates through AARP, Euro Discount, and Costco.

Megabus, Bolt Bus, Greyhound

One of the secrets of U.S. travel is that the long-distance buses are comfortable, usually, have plugs and wifi, and are dirt-cheap — if you book several weeks in advance.


I buy a travel insurance policy for the year. Sometimes I also buy one for a particular trip. If I am going with someone else, I link the two travel policies. Sometimes my travel partner can’t go. If I link our insurance accounts, I can get my money back too.

If the trip or I cancel and I need a full refund. I can’t afford to lose my money. So, I buy travel insurance, without exception. Sometimes, for airplane tickets, I apply it to a future airlines tickets. Airlines allow canceling tickets, and using it towards a future flight; there terms such as less a rebooking fee and subject to any changes in airfare.


I use Squaremouth. Five-star travel insurance coverage searches for you. You get to pick from a list of policies that fit your criteria. No travel policy agency can stay on the network with lower than a perfect rating. If customers complain, the company’s travel insurance asked to leave the site. Customer reviews keep the businesses and policies in the network and accountable to the policyholders. Membership is open to anyone.

World Nomads

World Nomads for policies open to all travelers. Their coverage is excellent and can be easily extended as many times as you’d like. The site is easy to navigate. Reporting a claim is simple. BE SURE — to read the fine print and ask if the policy is right for you from one of their agents.

U.S. offers the Affordable Care Act health insurance at exchange site and your state site for coverage. Check the terms to see if it covers you while you are traveling and if it gets you home if you are in serious need of evacuation. I use a multi-state policy that doesn’t cover abortions, but I can go to a doctor anywhere I am living, even for routine exams and tests.

IMG Global

The site provides travel insurance to Americans around the world AND health insurance in America as long as you’re there for less than six months out of the year. If you’re a long-term American traveler without insurance, consider getting a policy here. Read the fine print.


Your Property Insurance

Most travel insurance policies won’t cover a lot of your gear, especially the pricey things, like a computer or camera. Ask your insurance agent for help to get your gear covered. Read the fine print.


Flight 001 Spacepak

Love packing cubes are fantastic. They are efficient, fit more in and make “unpack without unpacking” possible. Bring three sizes, and there are others you can buy. Use one for gear, one for underwear and one big one for clothes. I use shower caps to cover my shoes in my suitcase. Plastic bags are good for bras, bathing suits, and socks.

Safety Whistle

A Whistle is critical and a must-have safety item. Carry a loud whistle. When you need attention, blow the whistle, hard and long. If you’re trapped, if you’re lost or scared, in danger, use your whistle. BLOW many times, keep blowing the whistle. The noise will alert people to your location. People will come and help you. Keep it in a place where you can get to it. It doesn’t help if you can’t find it.

Old Navy Flip-Flops and Teva Tirra Sandals

Supportive shoes are a must for me because my feet aren’t as good as they used to be. These are comfortable sandals. I give the Old Navy ones as gifts to people when I travel.


Another safety item. If you have a private room, always lock it. Chain-link locks aren’t on my door. I am afraid of fires and want to be able to get out. Use a doorstop beneath the door — it makes it difficult for people to get into your room.


Trip Advisor

The site is my favorite guide. I use it on my cell phone everywhere I go. My profile with many reviews posted over the past few years are on Trip Advisor. I am very proud of the comments. Wish they had spell check. Even with the typos, I am proud because they are all done from the road.

Lonely Planet PDF Travel Guides

Great travel guides at Lonely Planet. Save the information and store it on a cloud storage service such as Microsoft OneDrive.


B&H Camera

I buy all my camera gear from this company. They ship anywhere, and their prices are high. The advice is worth the time to talk to them.

Nikon D300 and Nikon 18/25

For me, it’s Nikon for everything. My photos for the America’s Cup, in the desert of Cairo and the Artic— this camera, it just works. It’s heavy-duty, and I can’t destroy it. Even after dropping it, the camera kept working. I have lost my lens cover in the Sahara and found it.

High-speed Memory

SanDisk builds quality memory cards. I recommend getting at least two, just in case something happens to one of them.

All-in-One Memory Card Reader

Never plug your camera directly into your computer. Always use a memory card reader — mine fits all sizes of cards. The site is easy to transfer media. I do not adjust or alert my photos.



Cell phone photos can be low-quality, but I don’t alter them. However, I never use Adobe Photoshop Lightroom or change my pictures.



Always have all your photos with you by using Microsoft OneDrive. The current rates (November 2015) are $0.99 each month for 1G of storage space.


Wi-Fi hotspot service is Bingo with locations around the world. It offers a variety of plans. You’ll find Boeing hotspots in every major airport. WiFi is important in Vietnam, Japan, and South Korea because these countries use membership wi-fi networks, and Boeing is a partner in these networks.


I use Skype to call home so my family and friends can see me when I’m traveling. It makes video calls for free if both people have added their contact names. Skype is great for calling anywhere, for FREE if you federated as well as FREE 1-800 calls and cheap calls everywhere. It is designed to operate anywhere in the world, anytime, on any device. Skype offers auto-renew, so you won’t run out of money when you are on a call. I used to work on this Microsoft development team when the product was called Lync and Unified Communication.

Two (2) Unlocked Phones

Full disclosure, I am a Windows OS person. I carry two smartphones with extra SIM cards. A universal calling plan and data plan on my phone from T-Mobile. Recently, I changed from Windows for travel because the apps are more reliable on a Samsung phone than my favorite Windows Phone. My Windows phone is my fav. Hopefully, I will use it as soon as the apps are available.

GMS works around the world, and in the USA, and sometimes my coverage is clearer and better abroad than in the USA. Know how to transfer your number to a new SIM and cancel an old one in case your phone gets stolen. Learn how to do it before you leave home from your computer.

My phone is unlocked. GSM SIM cards will work on my phone. I buy local SIM cards with data in most countries for cheap local calls. Lately, I haven’t been using this. I use “What’s up” app because I have the numbers I want to call, nd they have mine, and it’s FREE.

Kindle Paperwhite (Wifi only)

My Kindle. On the Kindle, I have a book club with my daughter. We stay in touch through our Kindle. Buy the lightest weight, with Wi-Fi and a touch screen. I love the backlight. You can read the Kindle in the dark as quickly as you can on the beach. Get a case. Mine is pink. It’s cheap. The Kindle cover turns off the Kindle when it closes. The cover comes in several colors.

I love my Kindle, and it made me a reader. It connected me to my daughter. My Kindle gives me a better traveler.

MyCharge 6000 Peak- Rechargeable Power Bank

MyCharge holds enough power to charge my cell phone four times and any of my devices. I use it daily. It tells you when the “Charge is complete.”

MAXAH Universal Converter

The converter is a universal converter. It works most places around the world. Buy plugs for specific countries, like South Africa, when you get there.

Mini Power Strip

Use the product linked above. Get a trip charger for times when you need to charge everything you own — from a computer, phone to your Kindle and your many batteries. You can charge several devices through a single outlet.

External Hard Drive

External hard drives are a good thing to have, and they are essential if you have lots of pictures. Buy a quality hard drive at a good price. Pick the one you like best or go to and read the reviews.