About Me

About me, this site is about my female travel, at 50+. You may not want to travel solo at 50+ but, what if that is all you can do? Should your age define who you are and what you do? I don’t believe age does define me, or you. Age is just a number. If you are younger or older, if you have a partner or maybe not, but you want to travel then you should.

This site will inspire you and show you how to travel more. If you want to see new places, meet new people and learn something new this is the best site for you.

About Me

I’m originally from Connecticut, attended the University of Colorado, Boulder, earned two Masters’ degrees in Business and raised two children in Seattle, Washington.

A Story. A Women Who Wanted More

Where In The World Is Kate? Is about my simple travel. Lots of people travel for lots of reasons just like you. Maybe you travel for work and want to use your free time for personal travel. Perhaps you travel to get away from life or maybe just to have fun and see the sites. You may be 40 or a man, but this site works for you too. This travel blog is for anyone who wants to learn the inside story about my travel journey and what makes my travel experiences great.

About Me

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About Kate

I’m Kate, a solo female traveler, 50+. Blessed to be a mom, grateful for my two kids and a life full of creativity. But, now I am on my own. Life sometimes doesn’t turn out like you think it will. My blog is a story about my world, and how I decided to travel. Its a story about my journey. A story about learning how to travel alone, people, places, and experiences that create travel resources and life’s survival guide. So far it’s not like ‘Under the Tuscan Sun.’ Meaning, I have landed some place living happily ever after with a guy. Happy endings don’t always end with a guy.

By sharing my travel stories, and all the details about why and how I go solo and sometimes with friends, or with groups. My goal is to take advantage of every opportunity life gives me, and I try not to miss a trip or chance to travel.

My Goal

Make Opportunity

Take Opportunity

Now is Your Time

Later is Now

I love traveling the world and meeting interesting people. It’s my full-time thing. If I can help you save money, time and travel more, and to places, you never dreamed you would go, then I’m successful.

My Travel Goals

Thoughtfully prepared travel


Keep it easy

There is always a way to travel more, no matter what stage of life. You can travel with your children or a friend but find a way to travel. It helps you grow, mature and experience new parts of you. 

My Approach

Flexible options

Create Opportunities

Feel the Road Less Traveled

Achieve Personal Growth & Learning

Sharing my travel stories, the details about why and how I go solo hopefully inspires you. My love for traveling the world and meeting interesting people is my purpose. What I learn and why I do it is less obvious.

So saving money, save time and traveling more is important. Secondly, going to places, I never dreamed I would see, is important to me.

Where do you would go. Let’s see if I can help.

Secondly, if I can help you share your travel that is a bonus. Think about it, Where in the world do you want to go?  Do you want to share your travel?

Why – Read About Kate

  About Me

Behind My Travel

My observation is that when it comes to travel, people 50+ don’t have the money, the partner, or knowledge travel. You are the exception if you have all three.

Some take cruises or tours to get around the travel partner blocker. Cruises or tours can be more expensive, but some tour companies are worth the price. To be on my tour or agent list, they save you money, time and keep you on your budget.

My thinking is ‘hope for the best and plan to avoid the worst’.

Tours and some cruises can help you do just that.

My Story

I travel solo because I am single. Sometimes I travel with a friend. When I was up against health issues, I dealt with it at the moment with my doctor’s help. Always ask your doctor before you travel to make sure it’s right for you. My trip seemed to help my health problems. As a woman, I know many women face these issues. But men face similar challenges. Hopefully, my story helps anyone.

Where in the World is Kate is written from all over the world, by Katherine Green, my friends call me Kate. I travel the world for a living.

How to Start

My work in 2007, took me around the world and this started my travel bug. Look I am like a lot of women, I’m divorced, raised my family, and I don’t have tons of money or a particular person to travel with to my surprise. In 2010, my passion for travel, the outdoors, meeting people and new places inspired me to travel full time.

Next, my friends on Facebook who were taking care of their elderly parents started following me on Facebook. We played a game called, Where in the World is Kate?”

After seeing my photos and hearing about the trips on Facebook, my friends asked me to tell them more about my adventures. They want to do what I am doing but can’t and want to travel vicariously with me.

Most importantly, I am funded through site donations, sponsors, and consulting work. My limited budget and time force me to create the best trip that my budget can afford. Sharing my travel stories, trip tips, itineraries, and advice is intended to inspire you to go. Please use my Itinerary plans

About me - how and why do I travel so much

European beaches.

My Friends

My blog is created for my friends because they want to learn how and why I travel so much.

I Want to Achieve

See More Places

Meet More People

Build More Relationships

Make New Memories

A little More About Me

Having I lived in Istanbul, painted a 2×4-meter commissioned mural on canvas for an architect in Tuscany, I want more travel. Photographing UN Syrian refugees in Jordan and the Palestinian situation for the Episcopal Diocese of Olympia Washington stretched me.

I Am Not Adventurous

About Me - painting in tuscany

Painting a mural in Tuscany

My Pledge

My life is not adventurous, at all. I’m always shocked when I hear that people think that. But my goal is to enjoy and live my life with purpose. My promise is to share my trials and troubles. No filtering my opinions or make “cutesie” comments and worry about what someone thinks of me.

No one should have to find a cute way to state their opinion in order not to be perceived as difficult.

I won’t publish private comments or things shared in confidence.

Full disclosure – I ask permission when I take children’s photos or pictures of sensitive subject matter. People in public, I figure, are ok to photograph.

In 2007, having gone through a divorce, kid issues, and being RIF’d (Reduction in workforce) at Microsoft, one of my dear friends asked, “What do you want?”

My answer, “See the world.” I had traveled for work, so I started traveling as my career.

How I Started Traveling

My career in business, training in fine arts, as a painter made me a problem solver. Sadly, I am an over-achiever, graduating first in my class, Magna Cum Laude. I have run businesses since 1996; my work includes high-impact marketing for Microsoft. I started traveling for my job at Microsoft. Travel and learning from people became my passion.

Location, location, location is my strategy.

My objective is traveling is a journey – I want to meet people and experience new things. My recommendation is to spend the money and the time going because travel is worth it.

I have never looked back. Nowadays, I  travel a little with my daughter and select friends.

Because of this type of the trip, I realized that children or friends should share and write their perspective so that the readers can experience the full story from all angles. If we all share, we get a 360 view of travel.

My Philosophy about Travel

Solo travel is fun, simple, easy and enjoyable. I don’t want drama. Women shouldn’t be scared away from travel.  If you prefer to join friends, please do. But when I do, I always include some solo time. My solo travel time is for me – and usually the best part of the trip.

Travel is about the places, how I grow by experiencing them. But more importantly, travel is about meeting people. Immerse in experiences and get to know real people.

What’s in It for You

Women who are 50+ may not have the resources, the partner, or the health that they expected at this stage of their life. Any one of these can block travel. Women who want a way to overcome travel blockers learn how to overcome challenges from this site. Try these post to learn more. 

Getting Around Blockers

  • Look for less-expensive trips or locations, such as hostels, AirBnB, or room sharing.
  • Go to events for singles or eat breakfast at your hotel and team up with other singles.
  • Learn to share and know that compromise is good.
  • Regarding your Health, please always listen to your doctor.

Blockers won’t stop you Just start!

How to Start

Hope for the best, make plans for the worst. Together we can do this and go to fun places. “Oh, The Places You’ll Go!” Dr. Seuss.


  • It’s fun to travel!
  • Travel is an investment in you. You are worth it.
  • A woman can travel simply, and easily
  • It does not have to be scary
  • Prioritize your choices
  • ‘Simple Travel’ does not have to be expensive
  • Be willing to compromise. Trade a good companion for an okay site.
  • It’s not always pretty, but even the hard times are all right.
  • If you don’t have a chance to do your hair, don’t do your hair.
  • Be happy just the way you are.

I Promise to Share the Good and the Bad

Remember, women face issues that men may not. In this equal-opportunity world, all people face some real problems too. Hopefully, my story helps everyone overcome them.

Thanks for Visiting

Full Disclosure – Doing this site and being a travel blogger is very hard work. Simple travel is an active job, with active engagement and total commitment. I have to think carefully and be present to make it work. It takes money, passion, hard work, and networking. I would love to network with you.

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